Episode 5

My heart thudded harder in my chest. I felt so happy. The fear of losing my mother left me, and I couldn't wait to see her. I badly wanted to hear her sweet voice and see her smile sweetly. It was so sad for me when I met her unconscious on the bed, and knowing it was the strange girl named Lena that caused it, I only wanted her death.

In a few seconds, I was already inside the room.

"Mum!" I squeaked like a child, running into her arms, careful not to hurt her as she forced out a smile. My eyes got wet as I felt how thin she had become. Her body was also hot...

"Mum, why? Why would you let that little girl cause you this? You should have called me, raised the alarm, and we would have come to your rescue if she had used much demon power!" I whined, peering into her eyes.

My words made her frown deeply. She glanced at Dad, then at me.

"What are you saying?" She asked, confusedly.

"You know what I'm saying? You were very healthy and hearty when I left for school this morning. I came back to meet you, worn out. The injury made you lose consciousness. I feared you would die and leave me in the world. That girl named Lena did it, but how??" I grunted, and I saw Dad sigh.

"You are talking gibberish. Who the hell told you Lena was to blame for this? I hope none of you have laid a finger on her." She raised her eyebrows in anger.

"Are you kidding me, mom? That little thing caused you these injuries, and you want me to let her go scot-free? I hit her so..." I couldn't finish my words before Mum sent two punches straight to my face, causing me to move back with force.

She coughed out blood from the power she used, and Dad rushed over and patted her back calmly.

"You should never use your powers in this state. Have a good rest, please. Don't stress your internal organs, or they might fail!" I heard Dad soothe her with his eyes glistening.

My eyes widened in shock. I was so shocked that I couldn't feel the pain from the punch or be able to make a single sound. My gaze was on my mother. She just punched me because I said I hit Lena.

What does that mean?

"Go and get Lena here for me. Please call her to meet me now so I can plead for forgiveness for my son's stupidity!" Mom added with a deep breath as she absorbed the pain she must be facing.

"Mum, what is happening? I'm lost! Who is Lena? What? "

She turned her gaze to me.

"You hit her?" She asked, and Dad swallowed.

"Please take it easy. "You shouldn't be doing this to yourself," he sniffed, and she rolled her eyes at me.

I was about to say something when the door opened and Lena was brought in with two royal warriors. I saw how my mother smiled. She also smiled back.

Lena made to bow and greet her, but then, to my dismay, she shook her head and took her up, even with the pain she was passing through.

"I'm sorry...." She spoke out without wasting time.

"Mummy, what happened between the both of you?" I asked.

"Where did he hit you? I'm deeply sorry. Please pardon me for not telling them never to." She coughed, and we all rushed to pat her back.

"Lena, please. I want you to promise me one thing. Let it be your repayment for the sacrifice I made to save you," Mum said to her under her breath, and she nodded.

"Please say it. I'll do it," she sniffed.

"Kill Alpha Xavier with this dagger. Anyone who tries to stop you should be killed as well!" She said, handing a dagger to her, which Lena took with a confused look and shivering hands.

"Can she kill him?" I asked in shock.

"Can you promise me one thing?" She threw the question to Daddy, who was resting on his laps.

With a yelp, he breathed, "I will do anything for my Luna, anything in this world, even if it means dying for you." his words brought out a smile from Mom.

"Please never send Lena away from here because she..." Her voice stopped abruptly, making me run to where she was lying, and a scream escaped everyone's lips as we saw her heart seized thumping.

It was like a dream, so unreal that I moved back quickly, wagging my head. I kept gasping as I watched Dad and Lena cry. Their cries were trying to tell me she was dead for real, but I would never believe it. My mother was alive!

"Lillian!!" Dad called out with the saddest tone I've ever heard as he took her into his body, shrugging it off with force.

I stared at Mom's eyes, waiting for them to open. I waited for her to sneeze and talk again, but none of that happened.

"Call the doctor!!!" My father shouted, and I could feel the hopelessness in his voice, yet I felt hope seep into me. The doctor was going to say she was alive.

Yes!! Mom just spoke with us now. No one does this!

Not long after, the witch doctor rushed in.

She took my mother's hand and checked her pulse.

"She would be fine, right?" We all asked in unison, including the stranger, Lena.

The doctor sighed, and looked down at the ground with her eyes dimming.

"Please don't tell me my mother is dead!" I howled, and she swallowed her throat before looking up at us all, as we were all staring at her.

"She is dead." The doctor said, and I couldn't stand it any longer. I was shattered when Mom was unconscious. I hated Lena for causing her injuries, and now when I have got hope of having my mother back, when I have got the hope of hearing her voice and seeing her get strong again,

She just died. My mother is dead. Like, for real.

Oh, no.

My heart shattered into pieces as I fell to the ground, everything blacking out.

Xavier's POV

"I'll be leaving for my room!" My son, Xander, muttered and started to stand, but paused as my messenger walked in with his head bowed.

He sat back.

"How can I help you?..any message for me?" I asked, gloating at the same time because I remembered receiving numerous letters from other packs that were war challenges; they would want vengeance and would send a letter.

Each time my messenger walks in, I recall it, even when it had stopped after my continuous destruction of those packs who challenged me.

"From whom?" My son huffed.

"From Lynn," he said, continuing to bow.

"Are you kidding me? Has she got the guts to send a message to me?" I scoffed and took the letter.

"Who is she?" My son asked, but I was not going to reply until I read whatever she wrote. I think I made a mistake by keeping her alive. I turned her into an orphan and a rogue as her portion of punishment, but I think death should have been better for her just like her parents.

"Your death is looming. Get ready. The same dagger you used to kill my parents would be used to dig out your heart!"

I read them one after the other, holding myself back from bursting into laughter. The words were threatening, and I couldn't help but wonder what gave her the galls. What the hell gave her the courage to send this to me.

I swear, I'm stupid for keeping her alive that night. I guess she is tired of living already.

"Let me have it!" My son snatched the letter from me and read it while I laughed.

"Get her for me, search every nook and cranny, make sure you bring her here." I ordered with fury.

"Who the hell is this?" Xander, my son, asked with a deep growl, which showed how enraged he had become.

"She is dead. She was killed by a serious injury she got while fighting some strange men. Her body has been buried already." He replied, making me grunt.

"What pack has she been?" I asked,

"It was kept secret. I'm sorry for being unable to get the information. The letter was sent by a bird, which I couldn't recognize." He replied.

"Get the bird here, I'll know where it came from!" I huffed.

"It has flown away already; it dropped the letter and left immediately. "Lynn doesn't want you to kill the people who she had been staying with," he explained.

"Why did she die before sending this letter? I have a special death for her, the type that would hurt her even inside the grave!" I growled.

"I also found out why she fought some strange men who wanted to kill the girl," he added.

"Why?" I asked abruptly.

He relayed, "She wanted to save the girl. She succeeded in saving her but died. I don't know why she risked her life for a random girl."

Xander raised his gaze instantly, like he had been struck by something.

"You said she saved a girl?" He asked.

"Yes," the messenger answered.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"The person to kill isn't Lynn, it's the girl she saved. I'm sure there was something about her that made Lynn die, saving her, and she mentioned you being killed by the dagger. She can't do that in the grave. It must be this girl!" He explained, making me nod as I understood his words.

"That's true. But, who would this girl be to be able to defeat me?" I gloated with a raised shoulder.

"I'm confused too because Lynn died saving her. If she is strong and powerful, why would she be saved instead of fighting by herself?" Xander muttered thoughtfully, making me burst into a laugh.

"She is a weakling. Lynn just died for nothing." I laughed more, but Xander's countenance was something different. He seemed lost in thoughts again.

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Jane Walker
Jeez! If Alpha Xavier is supposed to be worse than them, I’d hate to know what he’s really like! I wonder if she manages to change them? The Luna gave her life trying to save her so what do they want to do? Get rid of her...permanently! ...‍♀️
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Princess Treasure

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