Episode 7

Hutton's POV

The school bell rang for break time, making me sigh in relief. Finally,

I threw another glance at Scarlett, my girlfriend, but she wasn't looking at me and had never looked at me since she came to school. I shifted my gaze to Xander, feeling my anger soar.

He was sitting some distance away from others. His desk was large enough to contain two more people, but no one would dare sit beside him or come close to him.

My girlfriend had been the person sitting beside me, but now she had already changed to her seat after I failed her. She must have hated me for doing nothing, even after seeing how Xander molested her.

The students began to troupe out while I rested my gaze on her, bracing myself to move over and talk to her. I felt ashamed, but I still loved her deeply.

Almost half of the class was out, but Xander was sitting on the spot without moving his body. His face was grim and scary as always.

My mother is dead and my girlfriend leaving me would break me more. I needed
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