Episode 19

The thought of Linda being tortured again or killed because of me left me with no choice but to do what Hutton had ordered.

The pain of seeing people die all because of my miserable life was something I never wanted to feel again as it makes me become a monster and shatters my heart into pieces.

Hot tears filled my eyes with great fear, making my legs weak as they shake terribly. I was taking steps forward to the garden where Xander was, a place Hutton had said Xander forbade anyone from getting in. My eyes roamed around, and I couldn't see a single student around there. I glanced back and Hutton was still standing there to be certain I went in...

I hadn't been afraid of Xander a bit, even after all Hutton and his father were saying, not until I finally met him. He was no different from the devil, both in his physique and heart. The way he stared at me coldly really ripped my heart,

I had shown him the scar on my palm, so he would recall the good deed I did for him and spare me, but I
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