Episode 20

"Get off of me!" I huffed and pulled her away from my body so roughly that she lost balance and began to fall heavily on the ground. My hand stretched itself out and caught hold of her before she could hit the ground.

She smiled, and I frowned, staring at my grasp of her hand.

"You are really caring and..." She hadn't finished those words before I released my grasp, letting her fall finally.

"Get lost!... You are so lucky that I'm in a good mood. No matter what you have done for me, just know you are bound to die by my claws! " I scoffed, walking away at the same time.

I'm surprised I hadn't killed her instantly for stepping into the secret garden.

I don't know why. There was no mate scent from her, but just her touch was giving me goosebumps, like for real. I don't understand.

She groaned and rose from the ground. I didn't care to check on her, more of turning my gaze away, until I heard her footsteps running to catch up with me.

What the heck?

I turned sharply and glared so hard at
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Princess Treasure
What if she's really his mate? ...

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