Episode 64

Lena's POV

Hot tears welled up in my eyes as I stood up and backed away from Dracula's body, waiting for the devil's spirit to rise from it, as I knew that was the next since it couldn't survive in a dead body. The tears in my eyes were from intense anger at recalling the death of my parents.

The devil's spirit form was the real murderer. He used the demons and Dracula as toys to kill my entire pack just so he could end my life, as he knew I would be the one to put an end to him as I was the moon goddess reincarnated.

"Come out, let's end this!" Xander growled impatiently, peering intently at the dead body of Dracula.

I could hear him grit his teeth with his puffs and huffs. His eyes were glinting with pure fury that could raze down a building if it was on fire.

"Come out and stop being a fool!" I rasped, feeling the greatest urge to finally fight and destroy the killer of the blood moon pack.

"I rather die here than be killed by you both. I lost and I know it is useless to fight you
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