Carmella (When evil comes knocking)
Carmella (When evil comes knocking)
Author: Favy18

Life of Carmella


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18


                      Episode one

"Carmella!!! here dodge! " A huge ball immediately hit my face knocking me down to the ground 

I could hear their laughters and mockings 

"Such a loser! "

"Such a big nerd "

"Gosh she is so ugly..... she is like an ugly duckling! " 

"Or an over shaped box "They all laughed at their useless jokes together 

Although these words were meant to be murmured I could still hear them... 

Dusting the pieces of dry leaves of my dress, I quickly adjusted my glasses and ran towards the bathroom, thankfully there was no one in the female bathroom, I quickly locked the door and slump on the ground to cry 

My name is Carmella Conor 

Aged 17, yes am a nerd.... I have no friends, boyfriend or even a pet 

Am allergic to almost every animal on earth except a raccoon  and I hate those things the most.... tried getting one but didn't end up well for me, I got scratched and infected 

I live in a small town named Amityville in New York City 

It has one of the smallest population so every one knows everyone 

My parents, Jude and Callie Conor both grew up here and gave birth to the five of us 

I have four elder siblings 

Two, Mark and Sam are both married and live in US with their families 

Math is in the army while his twin Martha is here with us already in highschool 

Unlike me, my elder siblings has no problem and has always been the best..... especially martha 

Martha has won high school queen over two years in a roll... 

She is considered as one of Amity local diva 

She is very beautiful and tall.... has my father's green almond eyes and got my mother's tall straight legs 

Everyone wants to be friends with her .....she is totally the opposite of me 

I gat my grandmother's normal dark eyes and inherited my dad's short plump legs 

Although I was a little bit matured than most of my peers, my boob's were more bigger and so was my ass,yet I was still not beautiful than any girl in Amityville

My parents always critise me whenever I said I wasn't beautiful 

They would say beauty was within a person not the facial appearance 

I love my family alot especially my sister Martha because I use to be more closer to her until I redraw my self totally from everyone... 

I don't want to ruin my sisters perfect image nor my parents image... 

I considered myself as the dark sheep of the family and that I would always be.... 

I don't blame them though..... I mean my parents.. 

I don't blame them for giving birth to me... but I wish I was never born or I wish I was never born like this 

I hate my body

I hate my face

I hate my life and want to end it 

Yes! the thought of committing suicide has crossed my mind so many times and I plan too if this goes on.... 

"Who is in there? "I heard a voice yell and I quickly stood up and wipe my eyes putting on my eyeglasses....i strode towards the door and unlocked it 

Without a word, the person roughly  pushed me outside as she and a boy entered into the toilet kissing 

They locked the door behind them 

I stood right in front of the door staring at it sadly 

Soon moans could be heard..... 

When will I ever get to experience this??? When will I ever get to be one of those girls that guys would desire??? 

I adjusted my glasses, and walk towards the class 

Unfortunately for me, there was no teacher in the class 

Everyone in the class stopped whatsoever they were doing and quickly turned to me 

Soon papers and empty bottles of cans were thrown towards me as laughter rumbled 

I stood there accepting the injuries and disgrace they inflected on me 

After all this was not the first time 

"Awwwn look, our nerd is back!! "Dong yelled and everyone laughed 

"What happened to ur glasses nerd?  Can't see without them? "Moses mocked as he walk toward me and snatched my glasses destroying them in front of me 

Everything was blurr but I could still hear their laughter 

I just stood there like a fool 

"Hey nerd dance for us!!" He said and soon they all started chanting 'Dance, dance, dance'

I tried moving my body to impress them but as usually they busted into another round of laughter 

"OMG did you see that??  the nerd felt like she could actually dance! "I heard a voice yelled and everyone laughed 

"She looks like an elephant been pushed! "

"No a hippopotamus been pushed! "

"I bet an elephant is more attractive than her...! " 

"I bet they have a medi.......

The door opened and soon everyone went quiet 

"I could hear ur voice from miles away.... and miss carmella please take ur seat and don't just stand there like a loser! "

"Yes miss Austin! "I replied and walk towards my seat 

Miss Austin was our teacher, she doesn't hate me neither does she like me 

However she doesn't defend me whenever am bullied in fact no one in school does 

I couldn't see clearly as everywhere was blurry 

I tripped on chairs and tables and even tripped on a leg set for me as a prank 

Everyone laughed 

"Quiet down and someone please show miss carmella to her seat! " Miss Austin ordered and someone roughly pushed me to my seat 

I quickly took my glasses from inside my bag ,I always have a spare for situations like this.... 

Putting on my glasses, I could see the writings on the board 

Physics.... I smiled 

I love physics, it is one of my favorite subject 

"Nerd! "I heard someone scoff and people snort a laughter 

I quickly stopped smiling and focused on the lectures with pain in my heart....


Soon the bell rang signifying the end of classes for the day, I quickly pick up my bag and ran towards the exit 

Just as I was about to go down the hallway, I saw my childhood sweetheart Evans Arnold and my childhood enemy Emily frank kissing as everyone cheered on... 

Tears flowed down my face.... 

I have always loved Evans.... I love him so so much but he has always bullied me yet I still kept loving him 

Even the entire school is aware of my crush on him 

But..... here he was ,kissing and romancing my childhood enemy...

Emily has always bullied me right from when we were still kids.... she hated me and I do the same 

Emily is considered one of the most prettiest girl in Amityville, she is the cheerleader of our school and one of the most intelligent girl in our school 

But I know she isn't that intelligent....

Evans.... Evans Arnold is one of the most handsome guy in Amityville, he has alot of girls crushing on him and he is also super smart and the best basketball player.... 

He has one of the hottest body I have ever seen apart from my brother Matt 

I have crushed on him since our childhood but he had always hated me.....But that didn't stop my love for him.... not even a bit 

"Awwwn look it's the nerd! "Lisa Douglas ,best friend of Emily and one of the cheer leader yelled and all attention as drawn to me 

"Tsk tsk poor nerd is heartbroken! "She said and everyone laughed 

Evans turned to me and smirk as he sucked deeply into Emily's lips...

Everyone cheered 

Emily smirked and walk towards me then signal her squad to surround me 

I felt chills been surrounded 

"Tsk tsk, have you ever seen a situation where the nerd ends up getting the hottest boy? "She asked mocking me 

"Maybe she has.... in her dreams! "Another cheer girl said and everyone laughs

"Then let it better be in her dreams because it can never be a reality.... you are nothing but an oversized pumpkin wearing an eyeglass!"She said and signal her girls 

Immediately the splashed colors on me and stoned me with different stuffs 

They rip my shirt off my body leaving me with just bra and also my skirt 

"Look at her oversized boob's! "They yelled mocking me and I quickly ran out in tears.... 

Why??? Why me?? 

Why do I always have to be the one been bullied and insulted 

I walk into an ally crying and screaming..... 

I hate my life..... I hate my fucking life 

I hate this town and I hate everyone 

"Carmella....! "I heard a voice and I quickly turned but saw no one but only me in the ally 

Who just called me??I asked

I turned and saw a shadow looking like a woman in a black and white outfit with blood stained outfit 

Was that real???

I quickly ignored I saw and Immediately  headed back home 

When I got home, I saw my sister showing my parents her new award... they all had smiles on their faces 

I kicked the door in anger as their attention was drawn to me in shock 

"OMG darling.... what happened to you?"My mum yelled trying to touch me but I pushed her hands off 

"Just get ur hands off me!!!! I hate you all, I hate this town and I hate you all!!! "I yelled in tears running upstairs to my room and bang the door locking it 

Soon I could hear their knocks on the door

I could hear their pleads, begging me to open the door so we could talk about it... but what exactly are we going to talk about??. 

They would never understand.... 

They would never understand ,what is going on.... 

I hate my life..... I hate my life I yelled as tears flowed down uncontrollably..... 


I know.... the first episode looks a Bit sorrowful but we are just getting started 

If you want to understand the story you have to start from the root 

Drop ur comments... what do you think about the first episode?? 

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