The new town


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18


                    Episode Two

"Carmella..... Carmella! "I heard a loud echo voice from behind 

"Who's there!!! "I yelled feeling scared 

"Come I will give you what you want.... Carmella my child... come my child! "The voice change to that of a woman 

I started running not knowing where I was I was running too... 

It was inside the woods..... 

"You can't run from ur mother! haha I am ur mother and you are mine!!! "The voice yelled and I quickly increase my pace in fear 

Suddenly I bump into something, I fell hard on the floor when I looked up it was a woman in a white dress and black robe like a nun

Her eyes were pulled out and her heart was hanging on her dress with blood gushing out 

She was a real demon.... 

"My child.... come with me! "She said raising her maggot hand and I screamed loudly waking up immediately 

I was sweating heavily.... 

My breath was abnormal..... 

I quickly went to drink water and knelt down to pray.....Gosh that was a scary dream 

I stood up and walk out of the room and headed downstairs.... 

I saw my sister instructing some men on how to park some stuffs wrapped in some box 

I look out the window and saw a travelling car parked just right out 

Was someone moving out?? I wondered? 

"Martha what's going on? "I asked and she turned a look at me smiling sadly 

"You are awake... go dress up and eat ur food, it's on the table! "She said and I felt her voice was someone off

"What's going on Martha?"I asked again but she only just shook her head 

"Go eat! "She urged and I shrugged as I sat down in the dinning and eat my pancakes for breakfast 

Thankfully it was weekends and no school today.... 

I felt Martha behaviour was strange... and what with the boxes???

I saw mum came downstairs looking tired and weary 

"Good morning mum! "I greeted and she smiled half heartedly 

"Morning sunshine how was ur night? "She asked and I smiled but didn't reply 

I could still feel the creeps of my dream and the heart of the woman 

Ewwwee.... now I feel like puking 

I suddenly lost appetite for my favorite food and stood up to clear the dishes then wash mine...

"Carmella, come here! "I heard my dad's deep voice calling

"Yes, I will be right there! "I quickly wipe my hand with a rag and ran to the sitting room 

Everyone was seated looking solemn and tired 

I felt weird looking at them....

Am guessing am not the only one who couldn't sleep last night 

"You guys look horrible! "I cracked a joke to lighten up the room but expect mum who gave a small weak smile no one else responded 

"Okay now I feel scared! dad Mum, what's going on? "I asked feeling anxious 

"Ur dad got promoted dear! "She said and I smiled happily 

Dad is a police officer while my mum was a sociologist 

We were not that rich but we were living well 

"That's great news ,congrats dad! am so happy for you! "I said happily and he just smiled weakly 

"Thanks darling! "

"But why is everyone looking sad and depressed?"I asked and martha sighed 

"He got promoted and also transferred to another town! "Martha said dropping the huge bomb on me 


Dad got transferred???? 

My mind went blank.... honestly I don't know what to feel about this news.... i felt strange in a way ,I was neither happy nor sad 

"Where to?? "I asked and dad sighed 

"I don't know ,it is a local town like ours but more remote ,it is more like a village! "He said and I frown 

This was not a promotion this was a demotion.... 

"A village??? "I asked and dad smiled weakly 

"Yes apparently frank was promoted to a more higher rank than mine! "

Frank??? wasn't that Emily's dad?? 

Suddenly it hit me hard.... 

Obviously my dad got demoted as a form of promotion because Emily's dad must have bribed the authorities 

I felt angry.... so so angry and yet sad for my dad.... 

"Ur dad and I have asked around and we have discovered that the town has no high school but it has a junior high school, so ur sister Martha would be staying here in Amityville....while me and ur dad will be going to this town Hangur! "Mum said and I frown 

"The name of the town is hangur? "I asked and they nodded 

What sort of creepy name is that???

Why does the name sounds familiar to me? 

"So we wanted to ask you carmy, would you want to stay with ur sister over here in Amityville or follow us and start afresh in hangur? "Mum asked softly 

Follow them to hangur or stay in Amityville???

Woah!!! this was really confusing 

As much as I hate Amityville,i don't want to live in some old village.... 

But still there is a saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover '

Maybe this hangur wouldn't be so bad.... 

I mean a new start sounds pleasant to the ears 

"Take ur time honey u have the whole day to think of it,we will be leaving tomorrow once you decide! "Mum said stroking my hair softly

I smiled and nodded.... 

Later that night.... after serious thoughts and consideration 

"I have decided to go with you guys to hangur! "I said while we were having dinner 

Everyone took a pause staring at me 

Mum and dad smiled happily while Martha smile weakly 

I knew she would have loved me to stay with her here in Amityville but I would love to try other places.... 

At least maybe really start afresh 

"Wow that is amazing honey! "Mum clapped excitedly 

"Thanks mum! "

"So I will be here all alone in Amityville!"Martha said sadly and we all went quiet 

"You can come see us from time to time and I will also come visit you on holidays!"I said cheerfully and she smiled then nodded 

We bid ourselves goodnight and went to bed... 

That night I laid on my bed thinking of what will happen in this hangur town. 

I hope the town wont be anything like Amityville or worst self

I closed my eyes and fell asleep almost immediately 


The next day... it was almost time to leave for the town Hangur,i wept as I hugged Martha who was also crying 

I would miss her so much.... 

Mum was also crying and dad eyes were red 

"Take care of ur self alright? "She said and I nodded

"You too! "

"Don't forget to have fun in that town... and make sure you choose the right friends! "She said and I smiled nodding 

"What if they don't like me...! "

"Don't say that... everyone would like such a cutie like you... you are beautiful, smart and intelligent, am sure they would love you! "She said and I smiled 

"Thanks Martha, I will miss you!"

"Same here! "We hugged passionately as I pulled off and headed to the car 

I could see mum and dad hugging her and giving her instructions as she nodded and smiled 

Soon we were set to go... we bid her farewell

Soon we set off on the journey, we finally left Amityville, I breathed out inwardly

Finally I can have a new afresh.... 

I can make friends without been mocked and boyfriend

I blushed at the thought of that 

After driving for hours, I fell asleep and didn't know when we finally arrived....

"Wake up darling.... we are here! "Mum woke me up softly 

I smiled and stretched my body looking outside.... it was dark so I could only see trees 

I got off the car and we headed towards the big house which was dark inside 

"Mum this house is huge! "I said and she smiled 

"Indeed.... much bigger than that in Amityville!"She said and I nodded in agreement 

"Wait here, let me look for the switch to turn on the lights ! "Dad said and turned on his phone light as both I and mum stood beside each other 

I felt safe staying beside her 

Soon the light were turned on as we both gasp in shock 

This was the most beautiful house I have ever seen in my life 

So so beautiful.... 

It was so huge yet beautiful and it had everything inside already 

"Wow! "Mum mutters and I smiled excitedly

"Wow!!! "Dad yelled and I nodded 

"This is beautiful....! "Mum said and I argeed immediately 

I felt happy and pretty excited.... 

Such a beautiful house.... 

Suddenly we heard a knock on the door 

We all turned to ourselves looking puzzled 

Who exactly was that by this time ??? 

Dad went to open the door and was surprised to see three people standing outside smiling happily 

"Hello neighbors! "The woman said smiling looking cheerful 

"Hello! "Dad replied looking puzzled 

"Sorry for stopping by so late, we saw u guys just arrived and came to welcome you all! "The man with them said and I smiled 

Well so far they seem like nice people.... 

"May we come in? "He asked and dad shook his hand gesturing him to come in 

"Hello! "Mum greeted shaking hands with them

"My name is Luke conor and this is wife Callie conor and my daughter Carmella! "Dad introduced 

"Wow you have such a beautiful family and a very beautiful daughter! "The woman exclaimed looking at me 

I blushed slightly cause apart from my parents and siblings! no one has ever called me beautiful 

"Thank you!" Mum replied with a smile 

"My name is Dan, and this is my wife 

Sarah and my daughter Sophie! "He said only then did I realized there was a shy girl standing beside them 

She look so beautiful and my age also 

"Sophie say hi! "

"Hello nice to meet you all! "She said in the most soft voice I have ever heard 

"We will let you all rest now, we will see you all tomorrow, have a goodnight! "Dan said and we bade them goodnight as Sophie wave at me, I felt excited knowing that I had made my first friend 

"Oh look, the Dan's forgot their coat! "Dad said and I quickly grabbed it 

"I will go give it to them... 

"But it's late already darling! Go tomorrow "Mum said worriedly 

"Leave her Callie, don't you see how excited she is going to see her new friend, let her go besides their house is just beside ours! "Dad said and mum nodded but not still comfortable 

"Thanks dad, I will be right back! "

"Be careful darling! " I heard behind me as I quickly ran off the house to the house opposite 

I breathed out loudly before ringing the doorbell 

Almost immediately Sarah opened the door with a warm smile 

"Oh Carmella, is there anything wrong? "She asked and I blush shyly 

"Nothing ma, here is ur coat!"I said and she smiled and took it 

"Thank you dear! "She said and ruffled my hair 

"Do you want to come in?? "She asked and I shook my head 

"No it's late already,goodnight ma'am and greet Sophie for me! "I said and she smiled and nodded 

"Goodnight dear! "She said still wearing her warm smile 

I walk towards my house happily and when I turned to wave at her, I saw her about to enter her house but.... there was something else behind her

I saw the woman in my dream still with the nun outfit walking behind Mrs Sarah 

Suddenly the woman turned to my direction and smiled opening her rotten teeth with blood flowing from her mouth 

My heartbeat accelerated as I quickly ran into my house 

What the hell was that???? 


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