Welcome to demons high school


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18


                      Episode three 

The next day came faster than I expected and the event that happened yesterday was long forgotten 

I quickly said my morning prayers and walk downstairs to meet my parents already having breakfast 

"Morning dad, morning mum! "I said pecking both their cheeks...

"Morning sunshine.... seat and have breakfast! "Mum said smiling softly 

I sat down and quickly opened the jam and spread it across the bread 

"I will be reporting to the police station today to give my transfer letters! "Dad said and mum nodded 

"Carmella later in the day, ur mum would take you to ur new school! "He said smiling 

I felt my heartbeat accelerate....

New school??? What if they don't like me there.... what if they are just like my old school... what if.... 

"Carmella dear, you Dont have to worry about them not liking you.... you are beautiful smart and intelligent, anyone who doesnt like my princess is a fool! "Dad said squeezing his fist tightly which made me laugh 

"Thanks dad! "

"No worries.... beside ours neighbors,  sophie their daughter also attends the same school, apparently they have only one junior high school! "Mum assured making me smile 

I like Sophie 

She seems friendly but shy thou 

"Alright mum, I will go get ready! " I said running upstairs immediately 

Am going to check out the school today.... I have to look my very best.... 

So what do I wear now??? 

I quickly scattered my wardrobe looking for what to wear until I found the perfect gown for me

"Perfect!!! "

I hurriedly took my bath, wash my hair, combed it then applied lotion on my body before dressing up 

I hate make up so I just applied little mascara, light Pink wetlip, and brown powder.

Mum walked in and smiled shaking her head 

"Come dear, let me style ur hair for you! "She said and I smiled seating down as she styled my hair 

After a few minutes, she was done and I look so so beautiful 

"Thanks mum! "I said hugging her softly 

"You are welcome.... hurry downstairs Sophie is outside waiting for you! "She said leaving me speechless 


Sophie is here??? 

Woah!!!! I felt so happy 

I quickly ran downstairs only to find her chewing on her finger as if nervous 

I smiled shyly 

"Hy!! "I said and she stood up smiling 

"Hello how are you? :She asked and I nodded 

"What about you?"She nodded as well and we both sat 

"I heard you will be attending hangur junior high? "She asked and I nodded 

So that's the name of the school huh?? 

Y does the name hangur gives me the creeps ?

"I guess so... so tell me a little about the school? "I asked and she frown but suddenly smile 

"It is a good school with good people!"She said and I stared at her wanting to know more but it seems that was all she could say 

This is weird 

Just a good school with good people?? 

We both remained silent until mum came down and we all went out together 

I meet her mum outside 

Mum and aunt Sarah exchange pleasant greetings 

"Good morning aunty Sarah! "I greeted and she smiled ruffling my hair 

"Good day beautiful... how was ur night? "

"Pleasant urs? "

"Splendid, are you ready to see ur new school? "She asked smiling and I nodded in excitement 

"Wonderful shall we then? " We all entered into aunt Sarah's car which was surprisingly warm and cozy

The trip to the school was smooth and sweet with me engaging in different conversations with Sophie 

We got to the school and meet a lot of students going in .....

Their uniforms were kinda cool 

Black with a touch of lemon green

Sophie wasn't putting on uniform because hers got torn and was taken to a local tailor down town....we got down the car and I stood in front of the gate staring at the mighty gigantic building 

It was boldly written WELCOME TO HANGUR JUNIOR HIGH 

Under the writing was a strange language 

I knew up to 14 languages including French and Greek but this strange language was not part of any of the languages I knew 

Strange.... I tried to read it but I couldn't figure it out..... 

Suddenly the writings changed from the strange language to that of English 


I felt confused and tried reading it again 

"What are you doing?"She asked and I frown 

"What is that strange language written on top of the signboard? "I asked and she frown 

"No one knows ,no one has been able to read it! "She said squeezing her fist tightly and I frown 

That is weird...

I thought I clearly saw welcome to demons high school 

Maybe it was my imagination 

I turned around to find a strange girl staring at me deeply 

I tried waving at her but she ignored me and walk inside 

Tsk tsk that was rude.... 

"Common let's go in! "Aunt Sarah said and we all walked in.... 

Immediately I walk into the school I felt strange 

I don't know maybe because I was nervous but something about this school gives me the creeps 

"Carmella, Sophie will show you around while I go handle ur registration okay? "Mum said and I nodded 

"Sophie stay with Carmella and show her around, I will go with Mrs Conor! "Aunty Sarah instructed and Sophie nodded 

"Come on... I will introduce you to my classmates! "She said dragging me with her 

We got to a class and she walked in and I immediately followed her 

"Hey everyone, this is my friend and new neighbor, Carmella! treat her well"She introduced as I brace myself to enter 


Every pair of eyes were on me 

They look so so beautiful and handsome 

Almost everyone felt like goddesses and gods to me with their beautiful 

"Hello Carmella! "They all replied smiling warmly just the kind of smile aunt Sarah wears 

"Hello everyone, my name is Carmella Conor and am happy to be here, please treat me well! "I said and they all clapped 

Group of girls walk to me smiling 

"Woah I love ur hair.....

"I love your eyes... "

"I love ur smile..... "

"Woah you are really beautiful! "They said and I smiled 

Wow this was the first time I found girls more friendly.... 

And they were all pretty 

Haa in ur face Amityville junior high school!!! 

I have found a much better school 

"Common, come sit with us! "They said pulling me into a seat beside them 

I smiled and replied softly as they kept asking me questions 

By the end of the day I got at least new 5 girlfriends 

Emilia Clarke, Damy queen's, Suzan Fred, Loraine Matt, and Grace Ashton 

I enjoyed hanging out with them because it seems cool and nice 

Suddenly 5 boys entered into the class taking my breath away.... 

"Woah who are those?"I asked practically drooling 

They smiled and giggled 

The boys walk towards us and I nervously tried to arrange myself 

"Hello Kitty! "The one who seems to be the leader flirt making me blush 

"Am not a kitty! "I said and he laughed 

"I called you kitty because you are too cute to be ignored! "He said and I smiled blushing 

"Am Chris, and these are my buddies! "He said and all four of them introduced themselves 

Chris was the leader, followed by Damien,then Ash, Karmen and Kelvin 

We got to start talking and I found out that these people were really cool to hang out with especially Chris 

He was such a gentleman 

Handsome and cool 

He put his arms around me claiming am his.... I felt butterflies in my tummy 

Just spending few hours with them felt like heaven to me....

I never wanted to leave and mum left a message a that she was leaving me behind and since Aunt Sarah was a teacher in the school, I should follow them home 

I almost jumped up happily but I controlled myself 

Honestly I wanted to spend more time with Chris ,he was soo soon handsome and hot 

I turned around and saw Emilia making out with ash and Kelvin 

I was so shocked.... 

I was even more shocked when they took off her uniform and laid her naked on the dress fucking her raw as she moaned 

OMG.... I felt so strange 

What the hell was this..... 

"Hey u guys stop that.... my baby is uncomfortable! "Chris said with with laughter in his tune 

They ignored him laughing as they kept licking and fucking her raw 

Her moans were so loud 

"What if a teacher comes in? "I asked and Chris laughed

"Then he/she will join the fun....! "He said and I frown 

Was this how their high school was??? 

I felt strange so I stood up and went out to find Sophie 

When I got out, I saw her outside making out with a boy as well... my mouth went wide 

What happened to the shy Sophie I knew??? 

I quietly went out....walking down the hallway 

Is a school supposed to be having sex in the class??? 

Are students supposed to be comfortable with people have sex in the class?? 

I mean the school is cool and everything and yes I have friends but..... 

I turned and found the same girl I saw at the at gate staring at me

Her eyes were blue in color 

"Hey!! "I called out to her waving but she ignored me walk out, I quickly followed her..... 

"Hey you can't keep ignoring me! "I said but she didn't talk 

I tried placing my hand on a pillar for support suddenly I saw a demon with one eyes staring at me from inside the pillarwith blood gushing from its eyes, I quickly removed my hand in fear.

The girl stopped and turned to look at me 

"Did.... did you see that??? "I asked shaking in fear 

"See what? "She asked and I shook my head in fear 

"I don't know... I don't know why I keep seeing creatures .....!"I murmured trying to control my racing heart 

"You have the gift! "She murmured and I frown 

"What are you talking about??? what gift??? "

She frowned but didn't reply just staring at me 

"Do you know the meaning of hangur??? "She asked and I shook my head 

She smirked shaking her head.... 

"You shouldnt have come here Carmella... you shouldn't have come here!!! "She said and my heart pounding in fear.... 

"Ho....w.....do...... y.... you..... kn.... ow....my..... na.... name??? "I asked stuttering 

"Welcome to demons high school Carmella, open ur eyes and see! "She said softly and immediately my eyes were opened 

I saw demons 

All kinds of demons....but most of them were in nun outfit 

I fainted with one thought in my heart Where the hell am I?????? 


Hmmmm..... we are getting started.... 

Remember demons and sex always go in relations.... 

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