Chapter 6

Lisa joined the man at a table, which was placed in an extremely dark corner of the club, and she looked around inquisitively. Other than the people that were in the lighter part of the club, you could hardly see the people next to you.

Suddenly, her eyes connected with her former table, which was now occupied by a couple.

Curiously, Lisa looked at the man who had not said a word to her since they had been seated and said, "Was this your former seat?"

The man shifted in his seat but didn't say a word.

"Hmmmm. I guess it was, " Lisa said, nodding her head countless times. "So, the whole time, you were watching me from this dark corner. 

Lisa's stubborn part found that very funny, and Lisa began to laugh until she felt tears in her eyes.

"That was so cute." She laughed harder and clapped her hands. "I've only read about knights in shining armor in novels. I didn't know that I'd get to meet mine in real life. " 

She rolled her eyes into the
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