Chapter 10 - Mate?


Last night was uneventful. My wolf has been restless from the moment we arrived in this pack. I wanted nothing more than to return home, but I had business to take care of. If someone was using magic, it is dangerous not only for this pack but for the entire werewolf species.

Toby was out to gather information. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came back. I spent the morning training to keep myself occupied. It was after lunch when I returned to the guest house to find Toby anxiously pacing in my room.

I frowned at the look of worry on his face. I walked in, closing the door behind me. He stood straight the moment he saw me enter. I sat on the couch, motioning for him to sit beside me.

“Alpha, I have all the information you needed, and you will not like what I found out.” He said as soon as he sat on the chair beside me. I was about to ask him to spill it already, but the knock on the door stopped me.

“Come in,” I called out. Soon a warrior from this pack walked in, bowing his head respectfully.

“I am sorry to disturb you, Alpha. Alpha Stone has requested the presence of all our important guests for a pack gathering. He is going to announce the punishment for a pack member who broke the rules.” He conveyed the message. I nodded, dismissing him, and turning to look at Toby.

“Fuck!” he cursed internally, before he looked at me with worry filled eyes. “Alpha, we need to hurry up before they do something stupid.” He added. I couldn’t question him. The urgency in his voice said it all.

“Let’s go,” I said, and we walked out of the guest house, making our way to the backyard. We could hear the whispers confirming it was where the gathering was held.

We walked in. Alpha Stone stood at the door welcoming me and a few other Alpha’s before he escorted us to our seats. I wanted to ask him what was happening, but he scurried away before giving any of us a chance to ask him anything.

‘Alpha, no matter what happens, we have to save this girl. She is innocent.’ Toby sent me a mind link. I looked in the direction he was looking to see the girl from yesterday.

“Dear pack members, I am grateful to have all of you present here on such short notice.” He said. His loud voice echoed through the backyard.

“This girl, Miracle, our Beta’s younger daughter, has committed a crime.” He looked at her as he said that, “She tried to play with the mate bond created by our Moon Goddess, and when she didn’t have it her way, she tried to kill my mate with the silver dagger here.” He accused, motioning for a warrior beside the girl who I now know was named Miracle, who showed him a dragger.

“How do you know it was her?” I heard a voice. I turned to see Toby asking the question, and I knew if he was interrupting there has to be a reason. I could see the irritation in Jake’s eyes for being interrupted.

“I felt my mate’s pain when she was attacked by her. When we reached there, she had the silver dagger in her hands while she tried to attack my mate again.” He replied, and I looked at him, squinting my eyes, trying to find out if he was lying, but I realized he wasn’t.

“We all know the rules, use of silver is prohibited in our world. She wasn’t even supposed to keep a silver dagger with her. We have always believed in living peacefully with each other, but she has broken that rule as well. She has attempted to kill her sister who happens to be my mate and Luna.” He added. The backyard burst into whispers from his words.

“Banish her,” someone screamed through the crowd.

“Keep her chained in the dungeon with silver,” another said, and soon everyone was shouting with what seemed to be a fitting punishment.

“Silence!” Alpha Stone screamed, and the crowd went silent.

“Only my son may decide a fitting punishment for this thing here,” he announced as he looked at her as if she was trash.

“Jake, please tell us what the punishment will be for your prisoner,” he said, turning to look at his son.

“There is no other punishment good enough for this woman. We have always followed the laws in our pack, and according to the werewolf law, she is sentenced to death for illegally using silver and attacking her sister.” Jake announced. The pack burst into loud cheers as if it was a joyful event.

Wait! Is this how they decide the punishment for someone? They won’t even give her a chance to defend herself? No one would try to investigate the truth? This pack has the worst leadership ever.

“I accept the punishment, Alpha Jake, but I have something to say.” The girl said, staring into Jake’s eyes with confidence. Her words made my eyes widen in shock and surprise, and before anyone could react, she snatched the silver dagger from the warrior beside her. Everyone was surprised. I guess no one thought she would pull a stunt like that.

She looked at her sister and smiled at her horrified expression. I thought she was going to attack her sister, but I was left speechless when I saw what she did. Instead, she stabbed the silver dagger in the wound she had on her arm. I felt my knots form and twist painfully in my stomach.

She screamed out in pain, and screaming with her was Alpha Stone’s son Jake. Looking at everyone’s expression, it was clear no one expected this little girl to do something like this. Her sister, the said soon-to-be Luna and mate of Jake, looked pale. It was clear that she was caught.

“Make it stop!” Jake gasped out, and someone removed the dagger from the girl’s arm, making them scream more. It fucking hurt to see her in so much pain. I wondered what was happening to me.

“Alpha Jake, I think that is enough proof for you to know I am your mate. If you don’t trust me, please scratch your beloved Luna and see if you feel anything.” She said, Her voice sounded weak, and I felt a weird pain in my chest.

“Hold her,” Alpha Stone ordered, and a few warriors immediately captured her sister. He pulled out his claws, scratching her arm. The girl Malia was screaming her guts out, but Jake was unaffected. Jake’s eyes widened at the realization, and I had to stop myself from laughing. The cocky Alpha let himself get duped by a cunning woman.

Jake looked at Miracle. His eyes somewhat held regret, but I wanted to kill him for being so blind, and punishing an innocent pack wolf.

“Remember, you said you would never accept someone as useless as me as your mate? I am telling you, I would never accept an Alpha who could get blinded by others and do injustice to his own people.” She said, her voice held determination, and I suddenly felt relief?

I heard the surprised gasps of the pack members from behind while Alpha Stone gave her an icy glare. I felt anger rushing into my veins. I wanted nothing more than to snap his head for looking at the girl the way he did. His son was at fault here, not the girl.

“I, Miracle Payne, reject you, Alpha Jake Stone, as my mate and Alpha. I reject your pack, and the role of their Luna.” The moment she finished the words of rejection, I gasped, holding my chest as a sweet scent hit me with full force.

‘MATE!’ Trent screamed in my head, making my eyes widen in shock. I couldn’t stop the possessive growl that sounded from my chest as my mouth uttered the words “MINE!” making everyone gasp in shock.

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