Chapter 61

Nerezza's Point of View

Reginald had sent an entire team to dress me up for our lunch. According to one of the maids, she had overheard from another maid that Reginald was taking me out for lunch. To some fancy restaurant somewhere in the city center.

They had gushed about it profusely. How a lowly commoner now held all the attention of the king. How there might still be hope for them. When I turned my back, another maid would scold them. Tell them how I was the exception. About how beautiful I was and that was why the king had wanted me among all others.w

I pretended not to listen. Or to get offended by the statements. All they had ever known was this life. As I had once only known my simple life as well. So much more happened around them that they weren't aware of. I was glad they still had that level of innocence. Had someone to fight their battles for them.

Somewhere in my heart, I knew I wanted the same. Had relished Amadeus coming here because I imagined him fighting Reginaldf
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