Her Six Arrogant Wolves

Her Six Arrogant Wolves

By:  Alexandria Christi  Completed
Language: English
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(Reverse Harem) (Book 2 of Her Wolves series) (Can read as Stand Alone) Orphaned at the age of 17, Nerezza had no one to rely on and nowhere to go. Down on her luck, one day she ventures the streets of Makatza, the werewolf capital, in search of food when something else entirely finds her. Her mate. Through their ups and downs, the two conceive a child but were thrown a loop when he is stolen away just hours after his birth. Her mate sets out to find him but leaves her behind as the price. Alone in the world again, Nerezza doesn't know what to expect. Surely, there was no way things could get better. Until she becomes the concubine of the werewolf king and finds out, love has no limits. Especially not with six mates surrounding her. *** “I'll have you know that if you were to want me. Or come with me, even, you will have to toss that possessive Alpha male bullshit to the side.” I sneered. I could feel the bond slip into place. Enough that it took me off guard. Slightly. “What, can't handle a challenge?" Cocky, arrogant bastard. Of all the men in the world, I was stuck with him. If I wanted to have him. Pawns were disposable and I rarely came upon them. His fighting could prove useful, although I doubt his abilities in bed would suffice. “Look, whatever your name is, you might be my mate but you aren't the first one this week. Okay? So if you retain your possessive nature, you and the other guys might not get along very well,” I turned on my heels and headed back out the alley. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw his confused look. “And I much prefer not cleaning blood from my carpets.”

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Enjoyed reading this book! I think she’s to harsh with her mates but overall the story is interesting and engaging.
2023-04-13 07:21:21
default avatar
I absolutely loved this book!!!!!! This author is awesome!!!!!
2023-01-08 14:29:00
default avatar
Nikki Fernandez
Throughly enjoyed this book ...
2022-12-25 01:14:15
default avatar
Loved this book. Storyline was great. Character building kept me reading
2022-08-24 02:23:46
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Alexandria Christi
Ladies and gentlemen... I am pleased to announce that the series will continue on with the third book... Her Four Cruel Wolves. You can find it here, only on GoodNovel. I hope all of you enjoy!
2022-07-31 13:35:37
user avatar
I’m loving this book as much as “Her Four Possessive Wolves,” but I’m sensing that this should’ve been book one since she’s just now meeting the Alpha of Eiecrunt.
2022-06-07 06:08:46
default avatar
Loved it! Kept me interested!
2022-05-17 10:15:15
user avatar
Loved the first one so I knew I'd love this one! Amazing storyline so far keeps me wanting more.
2022-04-20 05:54:06
user avatar
Davina Cathapermal
Will there be an update???
2022-07-18 19:21:38
124 Chapters
Chapter 1
Nerezza’s Point of View They had been following me ever since I left my hovel. I could feel their gazes settling on me. Feel them strip the layers of torn clothes from my body. As if sleeping in a bush hadn’t been degrading enough, I now had to deal with men who couldn’t mind their own business. Men who wanted nothing from women except their bodies. The thought of them catching up to me rattled me to the bones. I knew their type. Wanted me to scream as they devoured me. I hastened my pace, trudging through the busy street. No one seemed to notice the two predators stalking behind me. How they chuckled to one another. Making lude comments I couldn’t hear but knew they were saying. From the looks of them, they were city guards. Men sworn to protect the people. But they had other motives for joining the royal institute. Helpless
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Chapter 2
Priamos’ Point of View She was the most stunning woman I had ever seen. Jet black hair. Upturned nose and high cheeks bones. Voluptuous curves that went on for days. Keeping my eyes off of her wasn’t an option. Not for a moment. Especially seeing as two men were trailing her. As a beautiful woman, I understood their urge to follow along. I would hang from her lips the moment she let me. But this was different. There was a certain type of malice in their gait. The woman hadn’t realized it yet. Or she had but chalked it up to them strolling about. My dark-haired beauty turned down an alley, hair whipping in the breeze. The men followed behind. Softly laughed at each other when she had certainly doomed herself. I jumped from my seat at the café and crossed the road. A car honked at me and I glared back at it. There was no time t
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Chapter 3
Nerezza’s Point of View He had found me. Saved me. And I had no idea what his name was. I was certain I was going to die in that alley. Had known those men were trailing me ever since I left my makeshift home. Scouring for food in this city was a nightmare. The men were worse. Yet, he had noticed instantly. Came to my rescue the moment the fire inside me had burned out. Somehow, he had proved that not all men were animals. There had been no reason for me to carry on, anyways. My parents had died. Left me with no siblings or anyone to turn to. But he had come. Given me a ray of hope in my otherwise dark world. When our eyes met, I knew what he was to me instantly. The connection was there. The warmth that surrounded us. I wanted to fall into his arms. Breathe a sigh of relief and never look back. My own knight in shining armor.
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Chapter 4
Nerezza’s Point of View  His room was pristine. Beautiful, even. Everything was doused in white. From the curtains hanging on the right side of the room to his bedsheets. Priamos smiled at me when I entered, fluffed the pillow one last time before standing straight. He gave me a once over. Made sure that I wasn’t going to bolt. I had nowhere to go and as much as I hated relying on his kindness now, I wouldn’t just leave. It felt nice to be in a temperature-controlled home. To know that no one can just walk in and hurt me. It was nice not having to fend for myself for a second. But my statement held within my heart. We couldn’t be close to each other all the time. Our wolves would go insane from frustration. The mating bond would kick in eventually, driving us to mate before I was ready. Before we knew each other.
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Chapter 5
Nerezza’s Point of View Two months later. I had become spoiled. Had my own cupboard filled with clothes he bought me. Received breakfast in bed every morning before he went off to work. Watched movies the entire day away. Sometimes I read, other times I played on the piano he had bought me on our one-month anniversary. We were dating. Not mated. Our sex life had also been stalled until further notice. Not once has he pressured me to please him. He also never came home with another female’s scent on him. My father would have been overjoyed to see me now. To see how well Priamos treated me. Every day was a new adventure together. We had yet to speak of my parents. Or his old pack. Those were the only topics we avoided. The love we shared grew stronger each day. Made me realize the prospects lif
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Chapter 6
Nerezza's Point of ViewThe silence in the car was stifling. Priamos looked everywhere but at me. Admired the new building coming along on the main road. Stared at the luxury cars passing by us. Everywhere but at my eyes. Or my stomach, which I now cradled with my hands.I had mixed feelings about what was growing inside of me. The life that was sure to start if I wished it. I had never imagined an abortion until now. Thought women were mad for letting go of the life inside of them. Now, I understood their decisions. I couldn't care for myself, much less a baby as well. Priamos seemed to think the same, from the lack of words from him. How could he not? We barely knew each other. Had just gotten to a comfortable point by calling each other pet names. It was a work in progress and a baby would complicate things too much.We stopped in front of our apartment complex. Staring up to the third floor, I couldn't imagine bringing
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Chapter 7
Nerezza's Point of View3 Months LaterPriamos had been right and my wishes had been dashed. The baby I had been carrying for five months now had turned out a boy. Just like his father, he was already strong-willed and hated almost any food I consumed. Made me throw up morning, noon, and night. Women had always complained about morning sickness but what they failed to tell you about was that it happened any time of the day.I had lost nearly twenty kilograms just from throwing up. From barely being able to eat anything. Priamos had become a brooding mother hen who refused that I do anything. For fear of the baby, of course. But it was irritating being confined to one space all the time. The outside world carried on as if nothing was missing. Because nothing was. I had never been part of the world around me, hence, the world did not realize my absence. At least our shopping trip with Fa
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Chapter 8
Nerezza's Point of ViewAll of the things we had bought barely fit into the back of Priamos' car. From the look of it, I never expected the coupe to have much of a boot anyway. But Farren had insisted that Conan got as much as possible. Toys and clothes. Baby furniture took up most of the space. At one point, Priamos had to put a stop to her buying. Cut her off, as she had said with a sheepish smile.I never minded that she went all out. That Conan would have a lot more than I ever dared have. He would also have the life I had always dreamed about. Which was the best possible outcome. My parents would have loved to see their grandbaby. The love of their lives. But I still mourned them from time to time. Cursed the drunk driver who had slammed into them.If it hadn't been for a drunk man's poor decision, they would have most likely gotten to know their new grandson. Even if it was through my stomach. But in hindsight, maybe then I would
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Chapter 9
Priamos' Point of View This was what true fear felt like. The thrumming of my heart climbing out of my chest. Blood raced from place to place in hopes of getting enough oxygen to my brain so that I could fight or flee. Neither applied at this moment. Not when Nerezza had something to do about it. Nerezza had stopped me from murdering a man today but at what cost? Her pleading voice had brought me back to my senses. Showed me the crowd gathered around me. She was clutching her stomach for dear life one moment and the next she collapsed. People went into a frenzy. Ambulance sirens weren't far off but they felt an eternity away. The baby inside her was all I had. The baby and my mate. And some jackass had driven into us. Skipped a red light and rammed Nerezza's side of the car. I couldn't help but pummel him. Grind him into a fine powder and scatter his ashes on the fucking wind. But she came first. I shoved the people away from
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Chapter 10
Nerezza's Point of ViewPriamos' apartment smelled like home somehow. As if I hadn't been home for years and the comforting embrace of his woodsy smell would just soothe my soul. Every ache in my body ceased to be the moment I stepped through those doors. The sight of his apartment in some disarray also warmed my heart. He had been struggling to sleep. Eat. Cope in general, or so Farren had told me numerous times over the phone. His apartment was evident of that. Showed me that he had noticed the lack of my presence. Which made me smile.Priamos was lugging up my two weeks' worth of dirty laundry and by the time he had entered, I was already sprawled out on the couch. With a smile tugging his lips, he set down my bags and walked toward me. The curtains were drawn but I could still see him in the dim light. "Making yourself at home already, I see," Priamos murmured and I sat up. I nodded with a smile."No place
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