The Dark Side Of Fate

The Dark Side Of Fate

By:  Karima Sa'ad Usman  Completed
Language: English
319 ratings
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Books 1 and 2 In a world where it is almost impossible to find a fated mate and hard to reject them, Tamia finds herself in a bind when her husband suddenly finds his fated mate. From the loved and wanted wife, she faded into the shadows of his heart. The heartbreak is intense, yet she can't let go because of the ties that bind them, but she knows only true freedom can bring her peace. So when an opportunity to escape her husband's pack presents itself by virtue of sacrifice, she takes it and does not look back. Fate might have decided to rob her of her joy, her home and her happy ending, but Tamia takes destiny into her hands and decides to create her own fate with the Dark Alpha.

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Deborah Benjamin
I've had this book in my library for a while - hoping to read it when I have the chance for a long read...This book should be a movie. How could a book be this interesting? Karima really outdid herself on this one (Sending her flowers).
2024-05-23 18:50:14
default avatar
Rica Mae Bobadilla
My favorite girl work heroine!! Tamia is the best... that’s why I got sad in book 2 since there is also another strong girl. It’s like tamia is out of the picture :<
2024-05-12 21:14:00
default avatar
One of the best stories I’ve ever read!!! Loved the plot and the immersive world made. Can’t wait to read the next part!!
2024-03-26 05:46:40
default avatar
best book ever
2024-03-26 01:40:12
user avatar
Sanskruti Sahu Bute
I Loved this book. Its the first one after Once rejected, twice desired that I liked so much and completed it with full heart.. ..
2024-03-20 16:47:51
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Gulnora Akhmadjonova
Long but worth it
2024-03-08 14:16:40
user avatar
Linda Dewbre
barely started reading and I love it so far. I can't wait to find out what happens.
2024-03-07 10:02:52
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Jaya Ormonde
This story is what got me hooked to this app! I can’t wait to see where life will take Tamia. Such a strong female character is what I love most about these stories.
2024-02-17 05:43:48
default avatar
Such a great story, captivating story line, well paced, very much enjoyed reading
2024-02-10 23:27:09
user avatar
Evren Deniz
very good thank you
2024-01-22 05:30:23
user avatar
Blue Sky
Finally done with this. It was fun and exciting ride with the characters and thrilling storyline. Seb and Tamia holds my heart, I love them both. Thanks for the amazing book author. Can’t wait to devour your other books I’m yet to read.
2024-01-16 22:33:45
user avatar
DarlingYT “-darlingsYT-”
beautiful story I like it so far amazing writing Author ......️
2024-01-10 05:15:27
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Angie A. Méndez
Great read! first book was my favorite. I loved the characters and their personalities. can I have a Sylvester in my life please?
2023-12-08 14:45:44
default avatar
What I love about this story is Tamia's character. Not that naggy immature woman- Tamia is tough, mature, smart and most of all, has an attractive personality. She didn't go about making foolish decisions and just messing things up for people- No. She makes this book a 10 on 10 cheers!
2023-11-29 22:41:37
default avatar
This book had me going through various emotions, right from the beginning to the very end. Karima you are an exceptional writer.
2023-10-27 01:19:07
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932 Chapters
Chapter 0001
*Warning the Lakhs in this book is fictitious and not the same as any currency or item that maybe spelt or sound the same. All characters, names personalities, location and descriptions are also fictitious and made up. Thank you* ~Tamia~ I will not forget the evening my heavenly life turned to hel
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Chapter 0002
~Leo~ Tamia was my life, my love. There was nothing that I wouldn't do for her. I loved her with all my heart. When I promised to mate with her, I meant it. She was perfect for me. She was beautiful inside and out and had the strength a luna should possess. I loved her qualities too. I could not l
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Chapter 0003
~Tamia~ I went on a run in the morning, and when I returned, the people looked at me strangely. I did not need magic to know that news of the Alpha finding his fated had travelled. Leo did not try to hide the attraction between him and Amanda. I wonder if the pack members were happy that their Al
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Chapter 0004
~Tamia~ I did not speak to Leo throughout the drive. Every attempt he made to speak to me was shut down by my silence. When we arrived home, I went straight to the bedroom. Our house had four bedrooms. We chose it so our children would have a room each to themselves, but that wouldn't be the ca
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Chapter 0005
~Tamia~ Another month passed, and things got worse between Leo and me. He never spent time with me anymore and seemed to have miraculously moved out of our bedroom. I saw it all coming, yet it bothered me. He took her along to functions he was invited to and told me to mind the pack. I was work
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Chapter 0006
~Tamia~ "What is the Alpha of Greenwood Pack doing here?" I linked Linda, and she scuffed. "Kyle feels our region needs to create an alliance with them to fight the Wolf Lord," Linda explained, and I frowned. "Wouldn't that be looking for trouble?" I said and she shook her head. "I think so, but
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Chapter 0007
His gesture made me giggle. I took the rose from him and sniffed it gently, keeping my eyes trained on him. His blue eyes were brilliant, and they gave me butterflies. He stood up and stretched his hands towards me. I did not hesitate to take his hands. He smiled at me and led me to the open flo
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Chapter 0008
"Do not disrespect any woman at my table, Alpha Leo," Alpha Devin warned him, and he tried to be calm because he dared not talk back at him. Kyle joined us, and so did Max, Avery's husband. They looked at me with disgust but dared not speak. "Where is Linda?" Kyle asked. I did not answer him, and
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Chapter 0009
~Tamia~ "No need," I replied, and he walked to me and looked into my eyes. I knew he was hurting, but his pain was nothing compared to mine. He was the one on the gaining side. "I can't let go, Tamia," he said and placed his hands gently on my shoulders. "It is normal to give up on a situation
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Chapter 0010
Leo went four rounds with me that night until I couldn't take anymore. I wondered where the fire came from. It reminded me of old times. Times I knew were gone forever. I woke up. To my surprise, Leo was lying next to me in bed. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I wanted to cry. There was a time I w
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