Chapter 74

Priamos' Point of View

Getting a fawn through customs was a pain in my ass. Apparently one needed several different papers. Shots for the fawn. A carry-on. Having it in my arms for the entire duration was frowned upon, you see. Having it shit in the airport halls was even worse.

People pulled up their noses. Looked at me as if I was a crazy person. I wanted to sneer at them to mind their own business. But they were human. They would never know the value of something's life. Their wars were a testament to that. Lack of humanity even when they were so very human.

Nonetheless, Bambi and I traveled through several airports. Bribed and begged where needed. Most of the officials were human as well. I would indicate that he was an endangered animal. That I am going to get rich on his sale. Logically, they would want in on the action. That was when bribes came in. Large sums of money depleting my savings. Fucking perfect.

But I was comforted by his presence, oddly enough. I had killed his mot
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