Chapter 76

Nerezza's Point of View

The way out seemed so clear now. So easy. Letting all of this go, my worries would vanish. Yes, people's lives would take a hit because of it. Yes, people were going to be angry with me. But I couldn't do this anymore. The weight of it all was crushing me down. Grinding me into the earth. I was now a fine powder drifting along with the current of people who wanted me to do whatever was in their best interest.

Then along came three arrogant bastards. Who pressed me. Pushed me. Pulled me. To be better. Do better for me. No longer was it viewed as selfish to take care of yourself. No longer was it frowned upon. Numerous times, they had begged me to stop. Pause and take a good long look at what I was doing to my heart and soul.

Now, I had to give them up as well. The last hope I had beside from finding Conan. Like fucking hell I would.

As I had assumed, the guards marched me into the palace. Made a spectacle of bringing me back to my cage. Neither of them spoke. On
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