Chapter 83

Lysander's Point of View

Our worst fear had come true. Nerezza had been thrown in jail.

Our newcomers had told us everything. How they were sent to kill Reginald and how Nerezza had taken the fall for it. According to them, they were too shocked to take her with them. Finding their mate was one thing but realizing she had more than one was a whole other ballgame.

So, they had fled into the night. Left our unconscious mate there to be thrown to the wolves. She would no doubt be hanged for her crimes against the royals. Put to death in front of spectators. They would cry. In outrage or in sorrow was still to be determined.

I could see our other newcomer struggle against himself. Veins popped out from his neck as he looked at Zaven and Kallik. His eyes morphed into anger. Farren wasn't the same, either.

There was a smallness to her now. As if she had collapsed in on herself. Bags beneath her eyes. Red-rimmed. Had she been crying about Nerezza or the lost father figure? We would never
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