Chapter 106

Nerezza's Point of View

Once we sobered up enough from laughing, Amadeus and Lysander waddled Priamos into the downstairs bathroom as Lysander's mom had asked. Zaven and Kallik headed to Lysander's car to get out all our baggage whilst Alastair helped gather a few herbs in her garden.

I couldn't ignore the groan Priamos made. Or the way he tucked his head against Lysander. Sweat now dripped from him. Stained his shirt. The bathroom, at least, was much colder than the front of the home. It also looked more like a doctor's office than a bathroom. The space was ruled by off-white tile and royal blue. From the bath towels to the hand towels. Those were the only colors throughout.

A hospital bed sat in the corner of the bathroom. Had several layers of blankets thrown on it. Cabinets lined the walls. Gauze, stitches, needles, syringes, you name it, it was there. Which gave me a small sense of relief. At least the woman had more to work with than what Kallik had.

It was a large enough space
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