Chap 8: Word of challenge

Conal's car stopped in front of a large mansion. Azura looked for an empty spot to park the car. This place looked around relatively deserted, only more than a dozen houses. Azura slung the backpack over his shoulder and got out of the vehicle. She squinted her eyes and looked into the distance; it seemed to be a pine forest. Azura didn't understand why Conal chose this place to live. As far as she could see, here, aside from the open view, everything was inconvenient, especially for Conal. The distance from home to the company is quite far.

Conal saw Azura still standing outside in the cold rain and snow; he called out to her: "Azura, what are you still standing there for? Let's go into the house."

Hearing Conal's urging, she quietly went inside the house. Azura looked at everything, the golden light from the chandelier blinding her. Everything here is highly luxurious and expensive. Azura was so absorbed in watching that he didn't realize Conal was standing behind him until his voice rang out:

"What would you like to drink?"

A startled Azura took a few steps back, creating a certain distance from Conal. She awkwardly said, "Whatever. Thank you."

Receiving Azura's reply, he silently turned away, preparing a drink for her. Now Azura was alone in the living room. She put her backpack on the ground and searched for medicine to treat the wound.

Just then, Conal held a cup of milk still smoking and placed it in front of Azura. She looked up at him and said, "Thanks. Do you want some medicine? When I was in the forest, I saw that you were also seriously injured."

"No need. My wound heals on its own in no more than a minute."

"What? Are you kidding?" Azura was surprised, looking at him suspiciously.

Seeing her stunned expression, Conal assumed she was still thinking he was lying. To prove his point, Conal smirked and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Seeing him like this made Azura feel embarrassed. She realized that Conal seemed to be teasing her and quickly stopped:

"OK. You don't have to take off your shirt in front of me."

Conal joked: "What are you thinking? I want to be a little comfortable."

His silly and loose-looking gesture now looks different from when he was serious and cold. Azura shyly lowered her head, trying to concentrate on treating the wound.

Suddenly, Conal moved to sit next to Azura, causing her to panic.

"Let me help you."

Without waiting for Azura to speak, Conal took the scissors and cut the cloth from the wound to make it easier to handle. The injury that the werewolf left was quite deep and still bleeding. He frowned and looked at Azura questioningly:

"Why did your wound take so long?"

Then Conal looked down at the watch on his hand and continued: "Normally a werewolf is injured, within half an hour, to heal the wound. But you've been over an hour, and the blood hasn't stopped flowing." Conal said in a doubtful tone.

Azura was slightly startled and pulled her hand back. Her eyes were filled with panic. She is trying to find excuses for herself: "Perhaps the wound is quite deep, takes a lot of blood, so it takes a long time to heal."

Conal looked at Azura and realized that she was stressed. By looking at her every move, he could tell that she was lying.

"Unless you…" Conal's voice turned highly evil. His gaze on Azura was so cold that it startled her.

Seeing Conal's unfriendly attitude once again instilled fear in Azura. Could it be that he discovered that she was an Omega attribute werewolf? This is also the secret that she has hidden for many years.

Usually, Alpha and Beta werewolves' wounds heal faster than Omega attribute werewolves. Where she lives, werewolf Omega is very despised and easily bullied by the council. Because they are weak and defenseless, they are considered useless and parasitic. She witnessed tragic scenes, many Omega werewolves because they could not stand the oppression of the Alpha and Beta werewolves but had to commit suicide. But the departure of the Omega class was considered an insult to the wolf race.

Knowing this, when Azura came to divergence and knew she was an Omega, she silently took inhibitors to prevent pheromones and prevent estrus. She tries to make herself strong like a Beta. She didn't want any Alpha werewolves to be able to recognize her as an Omega. It is also because of this secret that whenever fighting with an opponent or anyone, Azura is cautious not to get hurt. Because once she was injured, the risk of being exposed was very high.

Thinking about Conal's ability to heal so quickly, Azura was startled and panicked. She was sure that Conal was an Alpha werewolf, not Beta. Because Beta, the speed of wound healing can't be that fast. She clenched her jaw, seemingly holding her breath because she was afraid that Conal would smell her pheromone.

At this point, Azura couldn't calm down anymore; her mind went blank. Now and then, she glanced at Conal to see him still staring at her. With a person as brilliant as Conal, he feared that he could not be overlooked.

Azura frantically touched her neck to find a patch to block the smell of pheromones. She breathed a sigh of relief as the patch was still attached to her neck. She silently prayed that he wouldn't find out her secret.

Silence enveloped the house; no one said a word to each other. Azura dared not move, and she grimaced as Conal washed her wounds with disinfectant. The wound's mouth hurts. It was like a fire-eating away at her flesh.

Conal looked up at Azura, his voice soft, gentle as if he cared about her: "Hold on a little. Nearly done."

After stopping the bleeding and dressing Azura's wound, Conal stood up but didn't hurry; he hesitated as if he wanted to say something. In the end, she was the first to speak, trying to keep her voice natural: "Do you have something to say to me?"

Azura glanced at Conal, his face scowling, his murderous aura now likes an angel of hell. If he already knew she was an Omega werewolf, then frankly, she might have been more comfortable. However, he hesitated, vaguely making Azura nervous and worried.

Suddenly, Conal flashed a devilish smile and then jokingly said: "I guess I did. You haven't eaten anything all day, and at the end of the day you encounter a wild wolf that is too strong to lose strength. That's why the ability to heal wounds decreases."

Azura listened to his explanation and could only laugh, reluctantly agreeing with his opinion. "Maybe."

"OK. So now what do you want to eat so I can prepare it."

"What did you say?" Azura couldn't believe his ears at the words that just came out of Conal's mouth. How did he do it himself? A person who is perfect in every way, from looks to talent, can cook for an ordinary person like her. Azura choked up and asked him once more:

"Did you cook for me?"

He burst out laughing at the silly question. "Did I let an injured person cook for me? So what do you want to eat?"

Azura was captivated by this natural smile; it made her unable to take her eyes off his. Then she said sheepishly, "I'm an easy person. Whatever. Thank you for being so kind."

Hearing her say, he just smiled slightly. Then he went inside the kitchen and prepared to cook. Azura watched his back, moved by his kind treatment for her. He was the second person who didn't see her as an enslaved person. But will he change? If one day he learns that she is a werewolf with Omega attribute. At that time, did he still treat her like this?

At that thought, Azura smiled, mocking herself for having such silly ideas. She is different from him; there is always a distance beyond reach between her and him.

Azura was shocked; she looked around the house for a bathroom to change clothes. Anyway, she couldn't sit and have dinner with Conal in this form.

Moments after she came out from the dressing room, she found Conal already having food on the table and waiting for her. Seeing Azura in a tight suit, he slightly frowned, scowling, and said, "If I were you, I'd choose a wide shirt to wear for comfort when I'm injured."

Azura was depressed but didn't show any emotion. Conal seemed to know everything about her. It was true that she was feeling uncomfortable as this tight shirt rubbed against the wound on her arm. It made it very difficult for her to move. However, with her work in Montana, it is indispensable to wear clothes like this; wearing such makes it easier for her to move.

Azura sat down across from him, watching what he made, making her unable to believe her eyes. Indeed a rich man's meal.

Conal ate the steak while watching Azura choose the dish. She mostly chooses simple words, and she still does not touch the steak plate. He flashed a warm smile and pulled the plate of steak toward him, carefully cutting it into small pieces and then pushing it back in front of Azura, much to her surprise.

Azura's heart once again burned for him. She stammered, her face red, and whispered: "Thank you."

After that, Azura and Conal were silent, continuing to eat. The atmosphere around the two of them was a bit awkward. Azura stuffed the steak into her mouth, trying to think of a topic to talk about, easing the stuffiness at the moment. However, when Azura still couldn't think of anything, Conal took the initiative to speak to her:

"Just now in the forest, what did you use his blood for?"

Hearing Conal's serious tone, it seemed he was also very interested in this. She stopped eating, then calmly replied, "I want to send this blood sample back to Montana for testing. I feel like the werewolves here are a bit unusual."

"So what about you? Still want to stay here to convince me?"

Azura shrugged and cleared his throat, "Probably."

After saying that, she glanced at Conal's attitude? She guessed it would be as harsh and possibly scarier as the morning in the office. However, Conal showed no emotion. He just frowned and sat there silently as if calculating something.

A moment later, Conal looked at her with an eerie smile, his eyes sparkling with amusement. He said, "I'm going to Montana with you."

Surprised Azura, not believing what she just heard, she asked again to be more specific: "Are you telling the truth?"

Seeing Azura's expectant expression made him want to tease her. Conal smirked and said briefly: "Really. If…"

"What if…" Azura asked in doubt. He seemed to know that she was very impatient, waiting for his following words, but Conal deliberately kept quiet; he looked at her with a mischievous smile.

At this point, Azura couldn't take it anymore; she said harshly: "What do you say?"

Conal saw the anger on Azura's face and burst into laughter. But very soon, he looked at Azura seriously and spoke in a cold, clear voice every word as if it were both threatening and challenging to Azura:

"If you defeat me on the coming full moon night."

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