Chap 89: Protect the one I love with all your heart

In the chaotic situation, many police and army vehicles were dispatched to tame Harem. Azura realized that they also wanted to capture Conal because he was still in werewolf form but unconscious. She signalled to Alfred and Phelan to quickly get him out of this place.

The three of them carefully dodged the rain of bullets to get to Conal's place. Suddenly Harem glanced in Alice's direction and saw his daughter lying motionless; he rushed over and hugged Alice's cold body. His eyes widened with rage, then roared in agony and pain at Alice's death. Harem scanned his eyes for Azura, and when he saw her running towards Conal, he rushed towards her like a ferocious beast.

Azura shouted: "Phelan, Alfred! Quickly get Conal out of here!"

As soon as Azura finished speaking, she separated from them to distract Harem. At this moment, a strong and sturdy arm slammed into her body, sending her flying away. Azura's whole body hit the car, causing it to deform. Azura lay motionless on the ground, un
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