I drove along the road, after getting inside my car with Royce, clutching the steering and I hope I set my eyes on the bastard that took my kids away from us.

"Are you sure you know the place?' I had to ask, he seemed pretty optimistic for my liking, why should he know this place when he hasn't even set his eyes on them before. I mean, he doesn't know the triplets so why on earth would he know where they are in the first place? He hasn't seen them before, so it's surprising that he knows where they are kidnapped.

"Have I ever disappointed you before?' He questioned without taking his eyes off the window. "I smelled her on you, heard about how they were kidnapped from you and my grandparents and I knew just the right person who would do such a thing without being told to do it, just to have fun.'

"Just to have fun?' I frowned.

"He does that a lot but not without a reason, he must have been paid to abduct them and hide them in his custody.'

"I don't understand,' I sighed. 'Why will
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Stephanie Hyde
did we meet Royce B4 is that the guy Stormi begged her mom to date?

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