While I was at the dining table, enjoying a peaceful moment and wondering why Kjiani dragged out that fellow, was there something he wasn't telling me and he was hiding it from me.

That's when I got a call and the person told me how Rihanna planned to kill them and advised me to be over the top about my kids.

I couldn't say a word, since I knew where she was, it was time to end this, after all coming here after two hours wasn't for nothing.

"Lourve." That voice sounded familiar, his scent too.


Why was he here?

"My name is not Lourve but Eva.' I corrected and smirked. "Step aside, Ryan," I ordered.

Rihanna got up from the ground, laughing.

"You finally came to me after running for so many years, you came back to the pack. How shameless!"

"I'm not back to this pack, I came to kill you, let's fight it to the death, isn't that what you wanted all along,' I walked closer. "To take my life." My stare fell on the crowd who stood up and watched us, I guess we will be fucking
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