Blushing all day like a teenager had those around me piqued with curiosity. Whenever Vance's eyes met mine, my cheeks flamed up and I turned pink. Too bad that I was behaving like a young girl who was having her first crush, but it was hard to help after last night’s bondage session blew my mind.

Vance warned that the sex dungeon would be used for two purposes. When I go into heat and misbehavior that requires punishment. The latter, of course, seemed more unlikely. Nevertheless, the thought of being a naughty brat tinkled in my head. I wanted to know how he would have me in that sex swing, and what else he would do to me. Now I’m smiling to myself, licking and biting my lips at the raptured memories that we had created, feeling open to the experimentation.

Contrary to the girls who expected me to be mourning, I was a ray of sunshine and bubbling in bliss all over. Butterflies churned in my stomach and I couldn’t be more in love with my mate. Thinking of him made my cor
Onielia Lawrence

This chapter was to give small hints of what Valen's life would be about. He will have his own book in the future. An Epilogue will follow but I need more time to write it. Please forgive me, but I may not be able to post that until about 3-4 days time. Lots of love to all my Readers. Cheers!

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