Ten years later……………



“Luna,” the principal frowned as she explained the reason for this meeting, “Mr. Larry is the form teacher for our third-grade class, and at present, he is at the hospital.”

I nodded because I had an idea who put him there, “Which one was it?” Mom also contacted me about the ways that the teacher cursed in the operating room as they tried to peel the chair off him.

“This time it was Venus,” the grayed-haired woman thinned her lips and informs me. “She placed glue on his chair so that it stuck to his ass when he sat to teach the class.” She takes the glue bottle from her drawer as evidence of the act.

Composed and apologetic, I looked at her, “Mrs. Moretti, I will speak to my daughter and ensure that it never happens again.”

She gave a faint smile, “Thank you, Luna.”

“I will ensure that she sends him an I am sorry card and apologize to him in front of the class.” There would also be a good scolding but there was no need to hi
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Linda Parizeau
The end is dull though but the story was good
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When is the sequel coming out?
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Natasha Nelson-Garcia
I really enjoyed this book
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