Chapter 18

“Here you go, sir.” Mauro carefully spoke and placed the check on the desk while he lowered his head. Unfortunately, everyone had to experience Christian’s worsened temper these past few weeks and was wondering what it could've been.

No one knew that all this time guilt had been eating him up. Christian was known to be a lot of things, but someone who couldn’t keep their promise wasn’t one of them. He wished he could go against his dad to help out Serena and the baby, but he knew that it would end up getting them in even more trouble.

Only Lucio, Enzo, Marc, and Johnny were aware

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goodnovel comment avatar
if they were really smart they would change Serena’s name and higher a fake family for her to pretend to be her family
goodnovel comment avatar
If he only knew…
goodnovel comment avatar
Wait he’s going to get double crossed huh

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