Chapter Fifteen

There’s a deathly silence. From the corner of my eyes, I can see how astonished both Alex and my mom are. Sure, Eason didn’t do things like giving me a French kiss or grabbing my ass, but his behavior was still outrageously inappropriate.

Who would rip off a tag using his teeth?!

“Let’s go.” I said sharply, trying hard to suppress the anger in my chest.

Alex follows me out of the yard, as I can feel his eyes are tracing me, apprehensively. I have a strong feeling that he’s going to ask me what happened between me and Eason, and I don’t blame him for that, but I internally pray that he would just let everything slide.

The first 3 minutes of the drive is nice and quiet, with both of us wrapped up in our own thoughts. Then finally, he opens his mouth, “Nat, what’s wrong with—”

“Nothing!” I cut him off, before he can finish the sentence. Irritation flares up in my heart. Great, now my ball night is officially ruined. I know Alex’s curiosity is not the one to blame, so everything’s on Easo
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Mari harris
why is she in high school, thought she was in college and like 20 something in the beginning this all needs rewritten just saying.
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Melissa N Jamie Nelson
Please upload a new chapter soon

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