Chapter Fourteen

Alex’s eyes widen immediately at that. His mind must be spinning with confusion right now. I felt queasy, partially because of Alex’s hesitated reaction, but also Eason’s deathly glare at us.

I can see from the corner of my eyes that Eason’s hands are clenched into a tight fist, as if the next second he’s going to throw a punch at Alex. Why he hates Alex so much is beyond me, and I try not to be so self-conscious to think that this is all about me, but it’s always nice to see him get pissed off.

But if Alex turns me off right on the spot, it’s going to be a huge price for me to pay.

I hold my breath, while waiting for Alex’s response.

“This is ridiculous,” Eason’s tone is cold and jeering, “Why do you think he’d be willing to go with you?”

I sniff. “I’m not asking you, aren’t I?”

“Just saying the obvious. You can’t just grab someone randomly from the street and ask him to—”

But his sarcastic comment is interrupted by a simple word from Alex.


My heart race dramatically increases
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Trina Dawson
lm madly in love with this novel
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Thank god he did that
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Melissa N Jamie Nelson
When are you uploading a new chapter?

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