Chapter Thirteen

I follow the direction of her eyes, and immediately recognize some familiar faces.

Walking upfront is no other than the school queen Valerie Vale, and next to her is Eason. She has her arm wrapped around his tightly, like she’s parading him around like a trophy.

Eason’s face is calm, a bit aloof even. His eyes travel right pass the crowd, as if no one in this room is worthy of his attention. I’ve never seen him like this before. As far as I can recall, he’s never been scanty in showing his emotions around me. I wonder if he has always been like this in school.

There’re six or seven students behind them, including that red-haired boy James I met at the party. They walk towards the only empty table and sit down, while the others admire them in distance.

“Wow.” Katherine gasps besides me, “Intimidating, right?”

“I’ve seen worse.” That would be partly lying. But I don’t want to cave in just yet.

“Ok, enough of them,” Katherine snaps her fingers in front me to get my attention. “Now, the t
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I just love this story

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