Chapter Twelve

The clouds are dense and opaque on the first day of my senior year, which kind of mirrors the state of my feelings. In my entire lifetime, I’ve never detested going to school so badly.

Mr. Ramirez kindly offered to drive me to school in his Rolls, which I can’t say no to, since he had made it clear that he wants to send me off on my first day. Looks like the secret of me being the Ramirez’s freeloader won’t be kept for long.

During the drive, Mr. Ramirez tried his best to easy off my nerve, but I kept tailing off from our conversation. As we approach the front gate of school, my symptom of nausea is getting worse.

The parking area is already packed with fancy cars when we get there. In my old school, everyone had limited budget for cars, and as a result it was common to see dingy second-handed Honda and Pirus everywhere on campus. But things clearly work different here. Mercedes and Porsche would still be considered as normal. I just saw a flashy sport car with doors opened like win
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goodnovel comment avatar
Is her step brother doing this to her too.. like a sick game
goodnovel comment avatar
Doesn’t Eason know what his horrible girlfriend is doing?? This does not make sense
goodnovel comment avatar
Angie quin
grat storey just keeps getting better each time can't stop just what to know what happens next

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