Chapter Eleven

His one hand presses me to the mirror, while the other pulls me impossibly close to his body. His lips mold with mine, taking away every shaky breathes that escaped my mouth. And as if it wasn’t enough, he sucks my bottom lips and bites it, quietly urging me to open my mouth and let him in.

My mind is cloudy. All sense is lost. So I shakily part my lips, as he immediately snakes his tongue in and tangles with mine.

A sign of pleasure leaves my lips as I find myself melting away in his arms. He groans and travels his hand upwards, longer fingers playing with those thin stripes on my back, causing me to shudder under his touch. The thin layer of clothing becomes nothing, I feel as though I’m naked and my panties felt dam.

“Eason…” I gasp and tilt my head to escape from the kiss, trying to call back some senses to us. But he refused to listen. His hot lips trace my check, my neck and down to the upper part of my chest. I cry out as he suddenly bites on my collar bones and suck it hard. I
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Kathy Kalvin
Is it finished? It ends in chapter 78? The story is not complete
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Patricia Arum
A great novel
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Yolanda Togonon
how to check in?

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