Meeting The Mom

"I'll be over in two hours." I said to Tyler, when I got out of his car. He nodded his head, before turning the car in the direction of his house to park.

When I got into my house, I went up to my room and did my homework. One hour later, I took a shower and now I was trying to figure out what to wear. I didn't know what kind of person Tyler's mom was and frankly, I didn't want to screw it up for him.

After ten minutes more of indecision, I finally settled on a simple dress. It was a mere casual dress that was lime green, patterned with a few flowers. I didn't do anything to my hair. I let it hung loose in its natural curl. I slip on a black slipper and went downstairs.

While I was getting ready, Sarah had came home and now she was in the kitchen getting dinner started. "Hey Sarah."

She looked around at my voice. "Oh hey, want to help me with dinner?" She asked hopefully.

I looked at her, regretfully. It was actually the first time she was asking me this and I felt bad that I couldn't
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Marena John Lambrou
Way to go Tyler
goodnovel comment avatar
Marena John Lambrou
That’s so cute! I just wish that he was seeing other girls even for sex. Yuck. He can catch something.
goodnovel comment avatar
Marena John Lambrou
Shoot, I would’ve waited around to see who Logan was waiting for! Also, that fake boyfriend I don’t like that he seen other girls

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