My Real Boyfriend

"I don't have to ask why you two are holding hands and looking like a couple." Tori said as soon as she saw Tyler and I the following day.

We walked over to where she stood. "Hello to you too, Tori."

Tori smiled. "So you two are dating for real now, right?"

"Yes it's real." Tyler supplied wrapping his arms around me.

"I knew something was up all along. I was just waiting for you both to admit it. I've never seen fake dating looked so real before." She emphasized.

I smiled at Tori's excitement. "Yes Tori, you were right."

"Of course I was. I know a perfect match when I see one." She said proudly.

"Yes and I'm not letting her go so easily." Tyler added sending a wink my way.

"Awww," Tori sighed. "Tan Lindo." After a while she said. "Anyway, I hope you didn't forget that today is the girl's soccer team championship game."

"Yes, I remember." I nodded. How could I? They had announced it in assembly yesterday.

"So, are you going?" She asked hopefully. "It's the last game of the season."

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Marena John Lambrou
I would have thought Seth & Tori to b a good couple but it’s not my story. Great story btw.

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