Author's Note

Hello! I didn’t expect that I had already finished my first baby. It was a long ride to be with. But I’m thankful that I finished this story of mine.

I doubt myself in the first place if I could finish this story but look…I made it with the help of my Mother and also my friends and co-writers.

Hindi ko ‘to matatapos kung hindi dahil sa tulong ng mga taong nakapaligid sa akin.

Always thinks and look for the brighter side; don’t look down on the darkest side. Think positive always. ^^

Thank you for supporting me from the very start, mahal ko kayo palagi. ^^

Thank you for loving Rachel and Linderio from the very beginning. ^^

To many more books to accomplish this 2022.

Hanggang sa muli,


Date Started: July 20, 2021

Date Ended: June 15, 2022

Youth Series

Just Youth (COMPLETED)

Be Youth (Coming soon)

My Youth (Coming soon)
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