Chapter 3515

Hilariously, he had even doubted Fane before and thought that there was something wrong with Chad, saying things that did not make sense. Assuming that Chad did not realize the severity of the situation at all, it seemed like he was the one who was a joke. He had failed to see how exceptional Fane was.

At that moment, the other disciples behind Fane could no longer stay calm. They finally recovered from their shock and started to ramble, "Quickly, pinch me! Am I dreaming right now?! How is this guy so strong? I thought he was just bragging!"

"It's not just you. Everyone here thought he was bragging. When the duel started, I thought he was done for it, but instead, Brian was the one who fell! Just look at Brian's sad state. He's probably the one who believed in that guy's words the least, and now he lost so badly."

Everyone there had wondered if there was something wrong with Fane when they heard Fane's words. They assumed that Fane must be delusional, or he would not have said somet
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