Chapter 4

We got the restaurant and quite looking at it, I knew it was an expensive  one.

I got in with my boss and all eyes were on me.  I had to lower my face cause I hate people staring at me as if I stole their bag.

"They won't bite", Drake said, as he whispered in my ears, which made me jerk up in my thoughts.

"Oooh!!", I said, as I took my seat.

The waiter came over to us and gave us our menu.

" Have you taken your orders", he said smiling at me, his accent were like those of the Italians.

I was still staring at my menu, not knowing what to choose. 

"We will like , the one on option 3", Drake said,as he smirked at me.

" Yes sir ", the waiter said, as he went to bring our orders.

I still didn't know what to say to my boss about what happened earlier.

"Sir, thanks for the lunch, but I would have preferred the one close to our company, I just don't belong here",I shrugged.

"Amanda, I wouldn't want you to talk less of yourself that way, how can a beautiful lady like you say you don't belong here",he said as he touched my hands and looked at me someway I couldn't explain.

I was starting to have these feelings that things would go wrong, if we kept moving this way and I didn't want that, I was about to talk when the waiter came back with our orders and when I took a bite, it tasted so heavenly.

"Hmmm you like it, right?" , Drake said as he stared at me.

" Uhn! Yeah! It's great!", I said, smiling.

What the heck, did I just smiled at him.

We ate our food in silence and got back to the car.

The driver kicked life into the car and started driving, I sat close to the window and stared outside, I felt a hand on my knee and turned immediately to face my boss and he was busy pressing his phone, acting innocent as if he doesn't know what he was doing.

I didn't want to argue so I took off his hands and looked towards the window again.

Some minutes went by, and he placed his hands on my laps this time around ,I turned immediately shocked and wanted to slap me but I missed my shot as he pulled me closer to him , I stared into those ocean blue eyes of his.

"You are damn hot, when you are angry", he said ,as he drew more closer to me.

What was he trying to do, I could feel his breath on me and his lips brushed my cheeks as I tried to move away from him.

"Don't!!" , I said fiercely to him.

He left me alone and I was thankful enough that he didn't touch me as we got back to work.

I got out immediately from the car.

"Thanks for lunch, I really appreciate", I said curtly, leaving him behind before he catches up with me.

I got into my office, I was trying to figure out some files,so I went to Mrs. Wood and asked if it was with her.

"No dear, it's in the boss office", she said as she was typing on the keyboard.

" Ooh! Okay", I said, smiling to her.

Damnit!! I didn't want to go back see that spoilt brat of a boss again.

So I took a step to his door and knocked, knowing fully well he won't reply.

So I opened the door and got in. 

He was standing making some calls and 

I could tell he was angry during his conversation.

I signalled at him I needed some files and he nodded.

I took a chair near the shelf and stood on it cause my height couldn't reach where the file was.

I tip-toed on the chair as I was trying to get the file, my hands finally reached it and I was happy getting the file until I fell off the chair.

"Yeeellppp!!", I screamed.

But i didn't feel any pains, so i opened my eyes, to find out I was in my boss hands.

"Are you okay?", He said with concern in eyes.

"Ye-yes", I stammered, I didn't even know my hands were around his neck.

"Thanks", I said , as I quickly removed my arms around his neck, hoping he will put me down but instead he put it back there and carried me to the couch in his office, I tried to resist but he was to strong for me.

"What do you think you are doing?", I asked him. Still trying to get him off me but he just pinned me and looked at me .

"Why you so difficult?",he asked, looking so emotional.

" Huh!, Nothing",I said, raising a brow at him.

" Please, can you let go of me, I got work to do", I blurted out.

" Am your boss, and you work when I tell you to", he smirked.

He leaned closer and my eyes went wide as he kissed my neck.

"Please stop", I said, as I tried pushing him away.

He continued his treat on me , till he found my sweet spot and I tried to keep my tongue in check as I moaned a little.

I didn't like what he was doing to me, thank heaven, someone knocked the door and I pushed him away with force, as I tried to catch a breathe and threw daggers at him.

" Come in", he smirked at me as he made his way to the door.

I stood up immediately and took the files on the ground.

It was the same blonde, I saw in his office the first day I started work.

"Awwnn! Sweetie have missed you", she said, as she wrapped her hands around his neck and started kissing him.

They both kissed each other as if I wasn't there, I took my files and got out from the office immediately.

I slammed my door, as I tried to focus.

How dare he, I thought, as I sat on my seat.

He was so hot, I had to admit.

Some minutes ago,he was smitten on me and seconds later he was with the blonde.

What does he take me for?, I thought within myself.

He can't take every lady that comes his way like that, including me.

I did my work quickly. It was 5:30PM.

i packed my things and headed home.


I got to my apartment and saw my orders placed at my door step.

I went into my bedroom and changed, took off my bra and changed into shirts and tied my hair into a messy bun.

I made some cheese and settled on my sofa in the sitting room.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day cause of my flight.

My phone beeped, it was Ammy calling.

"Baby, how are you?", She squealed.

"Am fine", I said, as I reduced the volume of my television.

" Have you checked the tabs?",she asked.

"I don't and you know, but what happened? ",I asked, curiously.

" It's shows you and Mr. Hottie and you two look compatible, you make the best couples", she chuckled.

My eyes widened with shock," Annie are you crazy?",I said.

"Do you know that spoilt brat, tried kissing me today",I said, feeling irritated.

" Hurray!! I know that guy will still make something out of you",she said, feeling satisfied.

" C'mon Annie, must you behave childish always", I said, rolling my eyes.

" Whatever you say, and stop being a cold bitch,try having some feeling, anyway take good care of yourself and be prepared for your flight",she said, hanging up.

I kept my phone beside me and concentrated on the movie I was watching.

I heard my phone ringing, this time it was my boss.

What does he want, I thought as I rolled my eyes.

"Hello beauty",he said.

"Hello", I replied.

" Get ready by 9:00PM, my driver will come pick you up and pack your clothes for tomorrow flight ",he said hanging up, without letting me protest.

"Who is he just to give orders around", I said as I got up and went into my room.

I took a quick bath and packed some shirt and my clothes that Annie ordered for me. I wore a pair of jeans, sleeveless turtle neck top and boot and packed my hair into a ponytail.

I heard a knock,"hello miss,  am Daniel Johnson,was asked to pick you up by Mr. Triston",he said ,as he helped me with my luggages to the car.

I locked my doorand got into the car.

I texted Annie ,I wasn't at home that my boss came pick me up for tomorrow flight.

It was a hour drive, and I was already dozing.

I heard the driver knocked the door,"hello miss, we've gotten to our destination",he said.

"Ooh!",was all I said, as I stared at the big beautiful penthouse.

We got in and took the elevator to the first floor.

I stepped into his house, it was beautiful and well furnished.

"My God,he has lots of painting here also",I gasped, as I made my way to one of the drawings on the wall.

It was really beautiful, as I traced my be fingers on it.

"My! My! What a beauty to behold".

I turned immediately to see who it was.

" You must be the lady, that has gotten our boss captive",he said, smiling.

I just stared at him, amazingly.

" Ooh!, sorry how forgetful I am, I haven't introduced myself",he said, laughing.

" I am Max Benjamin, the great cook for Drake Triston",he gestured,as he took my hands and kissed it.

I tried laughing,"you are funny", I said as I smiled at him.

" Actually not a great cook as he called himself", I heard above from the staircase. It was Drake as he smirked at me.

"I feel offended,sir", Max pouted.

"Let me get you dinner", he said and left.

Drake signalled to me to come upstairs, I was still angry with him for what happened at work.

I got to the top and met him smirking and looking at me up and down.

"What!!",I said.

He showed me to my room,it was big and larger than my bedroom. It had a queen size bed and the walls were painted pink and purple. It was lovely as I stared.

"It's lovely isn't?", He said as his hands circled my waist.

I turned round and faced him.

"Please, stop these nonsense, you can't take me just like every other girls that comes your way",I spatted at him annoyingly.

" I'm sorry,I shouldn't have kissed her in your front that way",he said, remorsefully.

Did he just say sorry!,I thought to myself.

So he wasn't that spoilt like the way I referred him always.

," Dinner will soon be ready,I will tell Max to call you",he said as he closed the door.

I jumped on the bed, it was really soft.

I really need to call Annie.

I dialled her number and told her everything going on.

"Woow!! Just take care of yourself and be feel free with him",she said.

"  Okay good night ", I said and hanged up.

I heard a knock on my door, "come in",I said.

It was Max, "just wanted to tell you that dinner was ready",he said and left.

I got up from the bed and made my way downstairs.

I saw Drake focused on his phone as I sat opposite him.

Max served us dinner and we ate in silence, I felt someone watching over me and I knew it was Drake.

I ignored him, and finished my food. 

"  It's great Max, thanks for the food",I said and went into my room.

I took off my bra and changed into my shirt. I jumped on the bed and slept.


I got up and it was still 1:00AM, and I felt thirsty.

I went into the kitchen to grab a drink, I opened the fridge and took a bottle of drink.

"Seems like someone can't get to sleep",

I heard and turned around, it was Drake. He was sitting on the end of the table in the kitchen.

How come I didn't see him as I got in.

I drank my water and turned to leave as I jumped into him. He was standing close to me now.

"Why you so damn cold as ice",he said as he looked at me.

"Nothing!!", I replied curtly. I tried going away from him but his hand grabbed mine and I faced to look at him.

He was staring down into my face and he moved his gaze to my lips. I bit my lips as I didn't know what to do.

Damnit!!, he said loudly as he pushed me over to the counter and crashed his lips on mine. 

He sent fire into me as he continued kissing me deeply, my hands wrapped around his neck as my fingers laced through his hair, I kissed him back and his hands went up to myself curves, I shuddered greatly.

Have never felt this way before, he started tracing kisses to my neck as he caught my sweet spot,I moaned delightful.

He kissed me so great, he was so good at it .

A part of me wanted him badly and the other was giving me warning. I broke the kiss breathing heavily.

He stared at me.

"This is a mistake!", I said, as I pushed him away from me.

" No Ammy, wait!!",he said. I could see the lust in his eyes.

I left him not bothering to answer him, I ran upstairs to my room.

I closed the door behind me,I went over to my bed and drew the pillow close to me.

As I kept thinking of what happened to me, OMG we kissed!!

I didn't like this feeling, I didn't like the feeling he is trying to break through me. I was there with the pillow till I fell asleep.

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