Chapter 5

I woke up around 4:00AM in the morning, i got into the bathroom and opened the shower. It felt warm on my skin,but i couldn't help thinking of what happened with me and my boss yesterday.

It felt so good anyway, but I didn't want to focus on it. I got goals to achieve.

I got back into my bedroom and wore a black  shirt with white Palazzo pants.

I let down my hair.

It was nearly 5:00AM when i heard a knock.

"Come in", I said.

"Good morning,princess", Max said with a big smile on his face.

"Didn't know you would be awake already"he said.

" Breakfast is ready and be prepared for your flight", he said and went.

I got down from my bed and headed towards the dinning table.

I didn't see Drake around and was glad not to see him.

I ate silently and thanked Max.

I went back to my room and settled on bed, I was about to call Annie when I heard another knock on the door.

"Good morning", Daniel said.

"The boss told me to come get you, it's time to go to the airport". He said, as he made his way to where my luggages is.

I tried to help him but he refused.

I saw the luxury limo car. All of a sudden I got nervous as I saw Drake sitted in.

"Good morning,sir", I greeted him, as I got in.

"Good morning", he said , as he focused on his phone.

There was something weird about him.

He didn't give me the morning smiles as he used to.

Well!! Who cares!!. I thought within myself.

We went on silently, till we got to the airport.

We got to a part and I realized it was a private jet.

Whatever, he has money.

Drake didn't say anything to me and I wasn't comfortable about it and I didn't know why.

"Hey baby" , a lady with sexy body- hug gown, came rushing down the stairs of the plane.

As she threw her hands round Drake and kissed.

What the fuck!! Am going to start watching another crazy episode with these two.

I got into the plane and settled on the seat close to the window.

I really love the views and am not scared of heights.

I was beginning to get really annoyed, when i heard moaning sounds from behind.

It was Drake and his sexy bitch, doing their love tangles.

Does he thinks doing that will me make get jealous or what. I picked up my ear piece and started listening to music.

It really helped me a lot as i got distracted and I love singing .

I was listening to fearless by lost sky.

Over the edge, feel like I'm

Floating through the air

The pain i felt is paid for, all is 

Said and done


I am restricted, fixed upon the web

I need to kick the habit that my mind is breathing in

Break out, I've got to see

Spending my life holding  all of  it closely

I played it innocent,  a feel discontent

I'm finally facing it all, fearless!

" Awwwn nightingale, you got a very nice voice, why don't you sing?", The sexy bitch said behind.

I didn't even realize I was singing.

I turned to look back.

Drake was there staring at me,he had all this emotions on his face.

But what I had for him was all hatred.

He is such a deceit.

"This job doesn't fit you", the sexy bitch echoed.

" You'll be a great celebrity, if you start singing", the sexy bitch laughed.

" Thanks", was all I said, as I look out the windows.

Drake POV

I tried to make Amanda jealous for what she did.

So I called Adriana, to join for the trip.

I sat behind her back and got mingled with Adriana, actually no girl will want to resist me.

I thought the sounds and everything I did with Adriana will hit her off the edge but she seemed adamant.

I really liked Amanda and I couldn't imagine why i was hurting her. Not like have asked her out.

Then I heard this voice, it was so heavenly,angelic, I don't even know the exact word to describe it.

And she seems like she was in her own world.

Until Adriana interrupted her.

She faced back looking at us.

Damnit!! Her face looked emotionless,it was damn cold as if all what we did was none of her business.

I couldn't help but stare at her.

She was so beautiful but am not going to let her take down on me.



We finally got to London, and I could see a car was already packed in front of us.

We got in and the driver drove off.

About an hour we got to a very big mansion.

I got in and was welcomed by a funny looking man.

"OMG!!, you must be Amanda Jackson", he said, cheerfully.

"Max told me about you,ya such a beauty", he said.

"Oh really!!", I said, laughing.

"And you are", I asked.

"Ooh!! ,Yes am sorry",he said quickly.

"I am Christopher Regines, the great cook of this house", he said, smirking.

"Oh funny ", I said, still laughing.

"Ya fun to be with", I said.

"Yes count that on me, you will love your little stay in here", he said , as he took my hands kissed it.

"Take her to her room", Drake said, as he walked past us.

Where was his sexy thing, didn't she follow him or what.

Christopher showed me to my room and my mouth dropped.

It was really amazing.

Just like the first one. It was painted yellow this time over here. With a large queen size bed.

"You know, ya the first lady boss ever brought into his home", Christopher said.

" What do you mean? So he hasn't brought any lady into his home before!", I said surprised.

"Yea, meaning he likes you and has intentions with you", he said.

" I don't think so", I said, irritated.

Christopher showed me around the house and served me lunch.

It was great. I went into my bedroom and had a little nap.

I woke up around 3:00PM, I had to get ready for tonight.

I went into the bathroom and took a bath. I applied all my hair treatments on my hair.

I stepped out of the bathroom and got dressed in the gown Annie chose for me along with the shoes.

I did a light make up, it was neutral, so the make up won't be much on my face.

I looked at the standing mirror in the room.

OMG!! This dress is beautiful. I gasped. The dress fitted at the right places

"Miss, the car is waiting for you. You have 30 minutes left". He said, behind my door and left.

I got out of my room, I was about to hurry quickly downstairs when I bumped into Drake.

I nearly  fell off, if not he held me tightly.

"I'm sorry", I said. 

I could feel his eyes all over me.

"You look stunning", he said, still gazing at me.

He leaned closer to me and I could feel his breathe on me.

Not now or ever! I thought within myself.

I pushed him away from me and glared at him.

I rushed down the stairs and got into the car.

I got in and sat down. 

I breathed deeply and looked at the windows.

Within seconds, he got in and sat in the car, I tried my best not to look towards him.

And all I knew was he pulled me closer to him and his lips crashed on mine.

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