Chapter ten

I wake up yet again beside Della. For the few days we haven't seen each other, we have casually texted. She called me last night in need of a ride home because hers had a problem and was at the garage. I was happy to help as a friend except I ended up in her bed, again. Sometimes I tend to think she cast this spell on me. The moment I set eyes on her, I can't resist her.

"Morning." Della murmurs.

"How was your night?" I ask pocking her cheek lovingly.

"Fun. Yours?" she smirks.

"Better." I reply.

"Come on we have got get up. I need to be at the hospital in an hour and so do you." she sits up.

"An hour? We could do so much in an hour." I point out. Della shakes her head when she catches on the meaning of my words.

"No Crescent. We are going to be late." Della says.

"Says who?" I pull her back to me before I flip us so that she is beneath me. She gasps a little caught offguard.

"Tell me you don't want me now and I will let you go." I nip the underside of her ear eliciting a soft moan f

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