′′Kyla? Wake up now!" I said and greeted her with my sweet smiles.

′′Huh? Don't even pretend! Where am I and why do I feel nauseous? And my head hurts!" she asked not to understand what's happening to her.

′′Kyla! We're going to have a baby!" I told her and she vomited out of shock and when I got too close to her it spilled in my face because I was staring at his face.

′′What! I'm pregnant?" her voice got louder then looked in front of our doctor.

′′I think you are in a bit of curiosity and you still don't remember what happened to you because you fainted. You are in the hospital ma'am your husband brought you here due to vaginal bleeding pregnancy. And yes ma'am, you are 3 months already pregnant! Congratulations to you both! I leave you both first here, I will go to check the other patients, I have a schedule! Haha, here's my number, Mr. Fidalgo please get in touch with me of yo
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