44. Dead and Buried

Kate rushed to the door the second she heard the doorbell ringing. Opening the door, she sighed a relief once she saw Jaxon’s face. Without giving much thought, she threw her arms around him. She felt his lips brushing the top of her head, planting a small kiss, and her body froze as she realized what she was doing and took a step back.

“What happened?” He asked, his voice tight with worries.

“I got this in the mail,” she said, pointing at the white box on the counter.

Jaxon moved to the counter and took the lid off. He grabbed the note off the dead bird and frowned. “You will end up like that unless you leave,” he read the note and his frown deepened before he glanced at Kate who was now sitting on the couch, hugging her knees. “Do you know what this could be referring to?”

She shook her head, her stomach churning and she felt like she might puke anytime soon. The stench from the blood was still there no matter how many times she had rubbed her nose with fragrant oil. She supposed
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