04. Preparations

"God is upto something or the devil wouldn't be fighting you this hard."


The upcoming days were filled with a lot of tension. No one was talking, laughing or even teasing each other. It felt like as if all of us were strangers.

I wasn't used to this environment and it was getting on my nerves. 

Everett decided to stay with us till Rose gets married, no one knew who the groom was except for dad and Everett and both of them weren't willing to share anything.

The date for the wedding was fixed, it was to be held on the upcoming Saturday. Today was Tuesday. 

Rose was to be married in a small church. The groom's family requested for a small intimate ceremony with only the bride and groom's family present. They had no time for an extravagant wedding.

This request was rising my suspicions about these unknown people, one thing was for sure, they were very dangerous seeing how Everett accidentally spilled out how they can kill us.

No one was answering my questions. I knew there was more to the story. What could Everett had possibly done that now our lives were at risk.

Why the sudden wedding? Why does dad seems like he would beat the shit out of Everett any given minute? 

If I asked something they would brush it off. Saying it was not my business. 

What rubbish! 

Ofcourse it was my business, this is my niece who we are talking about. I was sick of them all treating me like a child.

Rose was quite these days and preferred to stay in her room all day. I could understand her situation, if I were at her place I would have behaved the same way. 

Being forcefully married to an unknown man at 18, leaving your dreams and aspirations is every normal girls worst nightmare. 

After her marriage Rose is going to shift to Italy, her soon to be husband is Italian and he is a well known person there. 

He is a businessman, and what little information I could get was that he is a billionaire. 

A fucking BILLIONAIRE!! 

Why would a billionaire like him wants to marry a middle class girl all of a sudden?

Well I had a lot of questions and no one to answer them. I sighed heavily while shifting in my bed.

The ringing of my phone got me out of my thoughts, it was Olivia. 

That bitch, I couldn't stop my grin. She and Sammy are officially in a relationship now. 

The thing is, when Sam ran after Olivia that day in school, he found her crying her eyes out in the janitor's room, she accidentally confessed her feelings to him in her emotional state.

Luckily enough Sam bared the same feelings for her, but thought that she was to good for him and was scared to ask her out or worse jeopardize his friendship.

At the end both confessed their undying love for each other and are now happy together. 

Well something's going good in my life, I smile at the happy thought.

I talked with Olivia for an hour, catching up on different things mixed with some girls talk. I had not told my friends about the tension going on in my house, I would explain it to them after Rose gets married.

It was time for dinner, Rose was present with us but she was acting a little unusual, I couldn't point it but I sensed it, I don't know if it was just me who was feeling that way. I think I observe things alot unintentionally.

I shrugged the feeling and focused on my delicious mac and cheese that was begging me to eat it. 


The next few days were very hectic. Everyone was busy with the preparations and shoppings for the wedding. Even though it was a small wedding there were still some things that needed to be arranged.

We were trying to make this wedding as normal as we could for Rose. She was not interested in anything and told us that we could buy anything we prefer. 

Well she can't be blamed. 

The big day finally arrived. It was Saturday and everyone was in a hustle, running around the house, dressing up, checking everything at the last minute, this wedding should be perfect for Rose, it would be the only good memory for her of this day.

The wedding was at 4 pm, we had plenty of time as it was 10 am right now. 

Rose's wedding dress had just arrived, it was one expensive dress. Luckily we had no budget limit, the groom is a billionaire so we were informed to buy whatever the bride loved.

As for her, she didn't choose anything, so I had to do the selections for her. I know what kind of taste she has in clothes and decorations, it was not a hard task. 

I know she would love the dress that I have chosen for her wedding. I take the wedding dress and make my way towards her room. Mom and Bridget were already there talking and smiling while Rose was just nodding her head and replying with a small "hmm'' occasionally.

"The dress is here.'' I semi yelled with a big grin plastered on my face while entering the room. Everyone turned their attention towards me "Rose, are you ready to see your dress?" I smile at her "hmm" she answers with a blank expression. 

My smile faltered for a second but I kept it intact to cheer her up, that's the least I could do. "Ok.. 1..2.. andddd 333" I prolong the last number dramatically and open the zipper of the cover in which the dress was packed safely. 

I take out the dress and hold it out in front of Rose. 

She gasps. 

She actually showed some emotion after the whole time. I had to hold back my happy tears.

"So??" I ask getting impatient. "Its.. Its marvellous.'' she whispers staring at the dress in awee.

"You like it?" I question again with the grin still plastered on my face. "like?? I love it.'' she says while holding the dress in her hands now. 

The dress was designed by her favorite designer. 

Rose has always told me that how she would love to wear her favorite designers dress on her wedding day, but it was quite expensive, so she usually ended our conversation by saying how it will only remain a dream of hers. 

Lucky for her we didn't have a budget. 

I grabbed the opportunity and bought the dress designed to how she would have preferred.

Mom and Bridget let out happy tears and complimented my choice. I turn my gaze towards Rose, she still had the dress in her hands with a small smile but..

Her eyes. 

Her eyes were sad.


Small chapter I know but the next one is going to be long and interesting.

Hopefully all the confusion will be cleared up soon.

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Lorraine Stinnett
I hope that’s where this book is leading, especially since she dreams of a famous life!
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Bhavesh Doshi
interesting novel
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Bhavesh Doshi
interested novel

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