Chapter 18

Audrey opened her eyes when she heard loud sirens and people muttering around her. Her vision was blurry thus she couldn’t guess where she was. Audrey hoped she was in the hospital though, laying on the stretcher while the people around were either doctors or nurses who could help her. She felt exhausted and drowsy, making her want to go back to sleep. Her eyes widened all of a sudden at the realization that she wasn’t holding anything.

‘Where’s the baby?’ She asked in her head. Her expression worsened when the noise around her got louder. Audrey knew she had to ask someone about her baby but groans were the only ones coming out of her mouth. Before she could even speak a word to inquire, Audrey subconsciously closed her eyes again.

“Excuse me, she’s awake,” a deep voice said amid the noises. “The patient is awake. She’s still alive! Do something, quick!”

“Sir, I know you’re worried but don’t be upset. We’re going to do our best to save her. Now, if you’ll excuse us. You’re not allo
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This author takes months if not a year to update with just a few chapters. It’s been so long since I started reading it and I waited for updates on it forever!! Now I can’t even remember what all was going on and who certain people are anymore!!! It’s absolutely ridiculous!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
She should get with Tristin
goodnovel comment avatar
This is really bad, why do you not finish this book. I hate reading books that are not finished.

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