Betray My Queen?

Anaiah's POV

Smoke was filling the room fast and the menacing growls outside were getting louder, Edward ran to the sink and dipped a kitchen cloth in water, and rushed to give me.

"Use this to cover your nose," I take it and do as he says, he is gone before I can tell him I can get us out of here.

He comes back in less than a second and asks" We are locked in and rogues are standing on any possible exit," He says, he isn't very panicked, I'd say he is only worried about me.

"I can get us out of here," I say confidently and he gives me a look " I have special abilities," I say and he nods slowly, not believing me. I shake my head and throw the cloth to the floor. I extend my hand and rotate, trying to open a portal to the castle but it's futile.

"I think you've inhaled too much smoke," He says in a mocking tone and I'm rebuffed by that.

"I do have powers but something is blocking them!"

'Or someone,' I jolted that the male voice in my head. It must be Amacus'. I try to block out his
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love the connection between the two books. Thanks Author.
goodnovel comment avatar
she really getting on my nerves, she tells the kimto stay away from melody and gets mad and leaves when he doesn't but he asked her to stay away from Eric and she doesn't smh
goodnovel comment avatar
Love the update. But where are they ... oh my. Need more !!!

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