The Lycan's Rejected Mate

The Lycan's Rejected Mate

By:  Sunshine Princess  Completed
Language: English
52 ratings
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"She is a murderer!" Everything changed for Anaiah Ross when she inadvertently killed someone following her first unexpected Shift into her wolf. Now hated, abused, and mistreated by the members of her pack, her fated mate, Alpha Amos, rejected her instantly and ordered her thrown into the dungeons. Her heart shattered almost instantly and begrudgingly, accepted his rejection, resigning herself to a life of misery at the mercy of her pack. But on her eighteenth birthday, fate seemed to take pity on her and revealed her Second Chance mate as non other than a dangerous and powerful Lycan King, but Amos realizes that he simply can't let her go. With two men fighting for her attention and desperate to win her love and acceptance, her life becomes increasingly complicated. Anaiah discovers sinister plots at work and fights to discover the true power that will change the course of her life for good, making her the prime target for the evil that lurks in the shadows. Can Anaiah survive the evil thrown at her and finally, find happiness with the man that she chooses? Or will she succumb to the darkness and lose herself, and everything she knows completely? Trigger warning: The first chapters of the book contains Abuse. Read at your own risk.

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Emma Dale Swann
I love the story. I started reading it yesterday, and I got to the part where she had met her brother that she didn't know about for the first time. Then I fell asleep, and started looking for it when I woke up and just now found it. I don't know why I'm having to start over again???............
2024-03-23 11:18:09
user avatar
tigger Roufley
this book is interesting in a kind of messed up way it has hit my life in so many points I can relate to the girl
2023-12-05 18:17:39
user avatar
tigger Roufley
keeps my mind wondering what will happen next being a person that can connect with the main character in my imagination while I read is very interesting I feel what they feel see what they see & basically become that character & books like this is the best way to get away from the truth of the world
2023-12-05 18:10:52
user avatar
Derena Marie
why would you take a severely abused woman and make her a bdsm submissive?
2023-09-20 02:49:18
user avatar
Caribbean Princess
This book is A MUST READ** great storyline with strong complex characters!!!! Then there's the sequel - My Cruel Mate which is another KNOCKOUT with BONUS CHAPTERS!!!
2023-09-15 08:24:10
user avatar
Terriann Stuenkel
Definitely keeps my attention ...
2023-08-21 03:58:15
user avatar
Chrissie Slabberts
Really an awesome story. Loved it. ... Thank you author.
2023-08-13 03:40:02
user avatar
So far I love this book.
2023-08-06 23:29:06
user avatar
Racheal Dennis
Great book. It reminds me of Wymond The Cursed Beast. You can check it out here in goodnovel.
2023-07-27 13:43:18
user avatar
Daisy Edetan
best book ever
2023-05-22 23:07:46
default avatar
Chattell Richards
Worth the read!!!
2023-05-13 22:14:41
default avatar
Nicole Anderson
Good reading, thanks for the interesting bookmark
2023-05-11 16:05:56
user avatar
Shen Jean Llamas
I want to finish reading it but I can't because of having a low points bonus
2023-04-22 10:59:10
default avatar
Markat Fritch
why do you have to pay to read like really. loge to keep reading but I'm broke, so I really can't finish the darn book ugh
2023-03-31 04:18:20
user avatar
Ali Swonger
What is the second book? I loved this one
2023-02-23 10:58:29
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174 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Anaiah's POV My name is Anaiah Ross. The most hated wolf in the pack, when I shifted into my wolf for the first time, I killed Tomas Rivers, our Alpha's brother, who attempted to rape me. Tomas Rivers was a pedophile who used to touch me inappropriately when no one was watching. That's why I'm not
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Chapter 0002
Anaiah's pov I cough, making my ribs hurt. My wolf is trying to help me heal quickly, but since we don't shift as much as the others, my healing is not as good as other wolves. I get up to my feet with so much difficulty, but she kicks my legs, and I fall back down. She puts her heel over my neck,
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Chapter 0003
Amos's POV I was welcoming our guests for the renewal treaty celebration when something tugged on my heart. Something was wrong. My wolf Narcisse was giving me a hard time, growling and snarling at me. There are times he acts sick. He hates me, and I rejected our mate, but I can't accept her as my
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Chapter 0004
Unknown's POV I didn't want to come to this poor excuse of a pack, but it was my duty as a Lycan King to attend, so I did. The Dawnrise pack isn't the strongest or wealthiest, but they are doing well for themselves and have survived this far because of their alliances. However, the Alpha and Luna a
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Chapter 0005
Leondre's POV I took my mate to the pack house hospital. I lay her on the bed, and the doctors asked me to leave the room, but I didn't do it. I'm not leaving her side, ever. My Beta comes to my side, putting a hand on my shoulder. I'm sure the people who were there informed him about the situation
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Chapter 0006
Leondre's POV I woke up at 10 am, shower, and went to Amos's office. I didn't wait to hear a come-in before I entered. I find him sitting in his chair. The former Alpha and Luna are on the couch with two other men. They all get to their feet at my arrival and bow. We exchange pleasantries, and
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Chapter 0007
Anaiah's POVI slowly lift my gaze as the most enticing scent of vanilla and honey fills my nostrils, my breath gets caught in my chest, and I forget how to breathe. The man walking in front of me is tall and intimidating. He's the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. He has thick jet-black hair, blazi
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Chapter 0008
Anaiah's POV"Get away from my mate," As soon as the growl tears from Amos's chest, Leon is in front of him, growling. I gasp when he grabs and backs him into a wall. I see Alpha being lifted off the ground by the powerful King. I get out of bed and rush to them, placing a hand on my mate, and my ge
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Chapter 0009
Leondre's POVAfter Dan finished telling me what that woman did to my mate, I was fuming with anger. I went to Amos's office and demanded justice for Ana. I won't let anyone hurt her without any consequence."Who do you think you are barging in here like that again?" He demands, his fist clenched"I
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Chapter 0010
Anaiah's POV I'm sitting at the edge of a cliff. I sigh as I look at the ground. If I decide to throw myself down, no one will miss me. I can end it all in a heartbeat. 'What about Saga and Leondre?' I scoffed, " You've only known him for three days, and you're already attached? Don't hold your
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