An Heir For The Cursed Rogue Alpha King

An Heir For The Cursed Rogue Alpha King

By:  Macakin  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bella was the true Alpha daughter but was treated worse than a common Omega, Bella is maltreated by her uncle and her cousins. Her last hope was finding her mate but the day she found her mate, he rejected her and marked her cousin, but her troubles were just starting. Her uncle sells her off to Alpha Draco, the ruthless rogue Alpha King. Unknown to her she thought that she was just going to be his maid before it later dawned on her that she was going to be his breeder. Succumbing to fate and destiny, she decided to bear him a son and leave the pack but the moon goddess stepped in and changed everything. Alpha Draco was her fated mate but he had refused to recognize the mate bond between them. **** Pregnant for the Cruelest Alpha, Bella was opportune to hear him speaking to his Beta that she was just a tool to bear him an heir. Displeased and angry, Bella ran away from the pack with Alpha Draco's unborn child. Would Alpha Draco find out about his unborn child, heir to the throne? Would both of her mates fight for her love? Will Bella accept Alpha Draco or her mate who rejected her from the beginning?

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Mary Olawoyin
Chapter 5 sex scene La hot ... we want more of it, Author. wooooah...I felt my knees cringe. Oh call me crazy, the sex scene felt so real. jeez.
2024-04-13 07:57:29
11 Chapters
Bella's POV It had been a long day, but fulfilling as I finished my washing. I was excited to meet my best friend in the pack, Max, the future Beta of the Goldcrest pack. It had been nearly three days since I last saw him since I've been busy with the pack’s business, but I was expecting he would come to see me today, which was my eighteenth birthday, and he didn’t show up.I went to Max’s home not anticipating what was heading my way.As I neared Max’s house, eagerness coursed through my veins as I sniffed my mate.The lovely fragrance of my mate brought me into none other than Max’s room.I was happy until the minute I went inside, everything around me froze.I was stunned, my shoulders fell, and my heart plummeted into the depths of betrayal. “What...what?” I stammered, my words barely audible as I stood there, my legs feeling weak and shaky. My stomach twisted, and I was still finding it difficult to accept what was unfolding before my eyes.“What...what are you doing?” I yelle
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Bella's POV I stopped in my tracks and observed the classy vehicles as they slid past the packhouse of the Alpha. I was perplexed by the disparity as our family could not afford such vehicles. A peculiar and potent aura permeated the air, and it made me feel uncomfortable. I was curious to find out more even if I wasn't sure where it came from. Slowing my pace, I cautiously approached the sitting room, drawn by the sound of my Uncle's voice echoing from within. "In a few days, she would be out of our way for good," Alpha Rowan's words sliced through the air, dripping with contempt. The realization that they were discussing me sent a jolt of fear coursing through my veins. My heart hammered against my chest as I struggled to maintain a facade of calmness, desperate to grasp the full extent of their conversation. "After she’s been picked up, we’ll have the money and the pack will not face any more attacks by the rogues. Two birds, one stone," Alpha Rowan's callous words echoed in
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Bella's POV I awoke from unconsciousness to find myself back in my comfortable room. My heart fell when I realized that my uncle's ruthless decision had kept me imprisoned and helpless. I jumped out of bed and ran towards the door, wanting nothing more than to get out of this captivity. My hand went to grab the handle, but it was locked, which once again sealed my doom. The realization struck me like a punch to the body, engulfing me in a feeling of oppressive terror. I dreaded to imagine what fate Alpha Draco had in store for me if I didn't leave right away. I whispered to myself, "I need to get away," my voice hardly audible above a whisper. My eyes began to flood with tears as I realized how dire things really were. I knew I had to find a way out before it was too late because time was of the importance. A fleeting notion crossed my thoughts as my need to get away grew stronger. I had to get away from the cruelty of my pack and escape. But I had to face the harsh truth: I had n
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Bella's POV "What's happening? "Where am I?" I was so confused that I trembled as I tried to make sense of what I was seeing. But with a blindfold covering my eyes, all I could see was darkness. I was lost, my senses overpowered by the strange sounds and smells all about me, and panic shot through me. Despite my trepidation, I had a lot of questions since I was yearning for clarification in this scary and uncertain scenario. But all I could do was wait, my heart thumping with horror at what was ahead as I felt utterly lost in the darkness. "What's happening to me?" I mumbled, frustration evident in my voice as I struggled to get to my feet, only to fall back onto my knees, overwhelmed by agony. I realized I was tied down, and as I attempted to grasp my circumstances, a feeling of dread overcame me. "Where am I at this moment? What is happening? Why am I being constrained? My head was filled with inquiries, but all I heard was quiet. My cries resounded in the void of darkness. Hel
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Bella's POV "Alpha!" I called out in tears, desperation thick in my voice. "Please... let me go... I promise never to cross paths with you ever again." Alpha Draco's cold gaze shifted to Michael, his Beta as if conveying his next command without a word. "Have her ready by nightfall. I will be bedding her tonight." As I watched him pull the door open, a sinking feeling settled in my chest. It was evident that I had no choice in the matter."What will happen after I give you an heir?" I managed to ask before he left, my voice trembling with fear. Alpha Draco halted, his silence stretching into an eternity. With dread coiling in the pit of my stomach, I awaited his response, knowing that whatever fate he decided for me would be beyond my control. After a short silence, Alpha Draco finally spoke in a quiet voice, "You will be set free." Relief flooded through me at his unexpected words. "Fine," I muttered to myself, resigned to the fate before me. "I would just give him an heir and g
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Bella’s POV I was dragged into the dungeon like I was some sort of garbage. Zoey my wolf was yet to get a hold of herself as she continued to hum the word mate to my ears. “Can you just stop already?” I flinched in annoyance. Why the hell would he cast me off like I was some sort of…oh, I forgot I’m now his supposed breeder. “Ouch…It’s sore down there.”I whispered under my breath as I slid down the wall and lay on the bare floor. The dungeon wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. At least the walls are well plastered and the floors are tiled unlike my pack, where the dungeon is a significance of what hell itself looks like. Fuck! “What the hell Zoey? Why am I feeling so attached to this son of a bit*h?!” I ran my hands through my hair as I felt the urge to pleasure myself. He took my innocence a few hours ago and yes, it felt painful but the more I think about it…I just want more and more… “Bella! Snap out of this. Zoey we need to stop this.” I cried out as I stopped my han
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Bella’s POV The resounding slap from the werewolf soldier brought me out of my dreams and back to reality. I almost peed on myself as I was at my climax. A sudden outburst of laughter from the werewolf soldiers caused me to shy off. All I wanted right now was just for the ground to swallow me up. How could I have fingered myself to reality? “Hey, girl you were actually moaning loudly.” One of the soldiers approached the prison door and opened it dragging me out as he started to tease me. “Mmm…she doesn’t look so bad. What brought her here?” the guard who had dragged me out questioned his other colleague. “I really don’t know. All I was instructed by the captain was to put her in here.” The other guard replied as they both nodded at each other and before I could tell what was happening, they grabbed me by the arm and pulled me closer. “Hey beautiful, since you so much want this…” one of the guards started as he took me by my hand down and placed his hand on his d*ck. “Why not al
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Bell's POVBella’s POVHe paused and stared at me in what seemed like an awkward manner and suddenly his red eyes became more clear.“Did…you…?” I paused scrutinizing his face since I was certain he felt something a few minutes ago…the mate bond.Does he know that I’m his—oh no.“Draco…” I moaned when I felt the tip of his d*ck inside of me again.So much for being a breeder. As much as I want this to end faster, get him a f*cking heir and leave this goddamn forsaken pack I still couldn’t deny the fact that I enjoyed every bit of his touch to the point of having wet dreams in prison and having to touch myself to reality. Is this what it really feels like to be in contact with one’s mate? His touch were gentle now compared to the other time he had f*cked me without mercy. He considers my feelings now as I felt his fingers tease the rosy flesh of my n*pple.I felt the warm water grow hotter and my face blushing red. “Ah…Dra…Draco…mmmm…please…” I moaned. Never in my life have I ever bee
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Bella’s POV It’s been days since I last saw Alpha Draco. It seems he got tired of me already. “Do you think he doesn’t love me anymore?” I whispered, trying to control the tears that were threatening my eyes. “I have no idea.” Zoey, my wolf responded. I picked up the napkin that wasn’t too far from where I was standing and started to clean the kitchen. Since I had agreed to be his breeder he has decided that I should also work as a maid, with that I wouldn't be completely useless in the pack. “Are you slow?!” A feminine voice spoke from behind, sending me a thunderous slap across my face that made me go deaf for a few seconds. I bowed my head in fear and quickly went to my knees. “I’m sorry. Please.” I spoke quickly because I knew if I didn’t the chief maid would only double my punishment. She walked towards me and raised me by my hair. “Idiot! You have been standing there for the past thirty minutes doing nothing!” she shouted and I shivered to the marrow. “I’m deeply sorry.
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Bella’s POV Alpha Draco blinked multiple times as I slid my hand down to my stomach while I looked at everyone in shock. I can’t believe I’m pregnant either. It doesn’t look real. Everything seems like yesterday when my uncle sold me out to this cursed rogue Alpha like a piece of merchandise and this same me got rejected by my mate and now I’m pregnant for this cursed Alpha. I was lost in thought that I never knew I was getting kissed by Alpha Draco until he deepend the kiss. He seemed so happy upon hearing the news Michael coughed and beckoned to the werewolf doctor before bowing to Alpha Draco.“Umm…I guess we have to take our leave now.” He broke the kiss and signaled at other maids to leave as well. Afraid of what he was going to do to me, I decided to leave as well but I was stopped by his strong muscular arms which pulled me back and lifted me. In a twinkle of an eyes I could feel some thing like liquid grease my beneath. “Draco, I know what you are doing but…” I paused
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