Happily Ever After

Anaiah's POV


"Why are they fighting, mama?" My two-year-old son asks, looking through our wedding photos.

"Aunt Arya and Rhea were fighting for Mama's bouquet," I respond kindly and he giggles, making my heart beat faster. My son is the cutest boy in the world even though he can be naughty half of the time.

"Why do they fight over flowers, they can just come and pick some from the garden here," He shrugs, turning the page, the photo I see next makes me smile, this is when we were making our escape.

"Well, it is said that whosoever catches it, will soon get married," I inform him.

"So, who caught the bouquet?"

"Honestly, it was a war in there and we still don't know however, they all got married to their mates,"

He grins and eats his cookie.

"I'll marry Rose," He says proudly and I chuckle.

"Rose is your cousin, Nicholas," I remind him again. He scowls but only for a little while before his face lights up.

"Oh, yea... Then I chose Brooklyn,"

"It doesn't work like that, s
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Nicey Green
absolutely a great book thru and thru and a happy ending ... can't wait for book 2 if it will be one and to read your other books.
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Patti Brown
yes yes can't wait ... is it available now?
goodnovel comment avatar
Brava!! I very much enjoyed this story. Well thought out characters and plot lines with interesting twists. I especially enjoyed when the little b*tches after Leon got their comeuppance. Congratulations.

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