Unknown's POV

I didn't want to come to this poor excuse of a pack, but it was my duty as a Lycan King to attend, so I did. The Dawnrise pack isn't the strongest or wealthiest, but they are doing well for themselves and have survived this far because of their alliances. However, the Alpha and Luna are not the most intelligent of the pack, but oh well, at least they are leading to the best of their abilities.

 Once the celebration begins, they announce they will pass down the Alpha title to their son, Amos. He's a strong wolf and might even be more capable of leading than his parents.

Amos walks on stage with a she-wolf by his side, she has a huge smile plastered on her face, and I assume she's his Luna. The outgoing Alpha briefly gives a speech, he acknowledges my presence, and people applaud. Amos is then called on stage and says his vows.

"I, Amos Rivers, will lead this pack, fair and to the best of my abilities," He continues, and together they join their hands, and the transfer of power is complete. We applaud him, and the crowd cheers for their new Alpha. Everyone is dancing and clapping.

"Can we go already?" Asks my Beta, Danford. He also didn't want to come.

"Not yet. We are leaving tomorrow. For now, go and entertain yourself," I shrugged, getting a glass of champagne from one of the servers. Danford scowls like a child, but it immediately goes when he sees five girls batting their lashes and giggling at us. He grins and looks at me.

"I think we should stick around, you know, as we can't leave these pretty ladies in dire need of our company," He says, winking at the blushing ladies. But I only turned away. Danford is the biggest player in the world. Despite being twenty-four like me, he also hasn't found his mate and has made it his life's goal to whore around until he finds her, but I, on the other hand, do have women to gratify my sexual desires, but only two or three and there are no feelings attached whatsoever, I can only get attached to my mate and Luna, the woman who I will love and the mother of my heirs. I leave my Beta with his whores and interact with other prominent Alphas. They ask about the Lycan pack and all, but I'm beginning to get bored, and my Lycan is getting agitated by every minute that passes.

'Mate,' Saga growls in my head, immediately getting on four paws.

'Where?' I could have sensed her the minute I saw her. I frantically look around the party, but I can't seem to find her. I rushed out of the party to see the Alphas. I need to know if all members of the pack are here.

I go straight to the Alpha's office but don't enter, as I hear moans of pleasure coming from there, so I go to the former Alpha. They are laughing and chatting with some other Alphas. I march over to them.

"Has everyone in the pack attended the ceremony?" I all but growled at them. They take a step back, and he wraps his arm around his mate. Everyone present shrinks at my Alpha aura, but I don't care. I need to find my mate now.

"Ye-yes... they are," he stutters, not meeting my eyes.

"I don't think so, my Lycan senses his counterpart, but I can't find her, only the remnant of her scent."

Luna hides in her husband's chest at my anger, and she answers.

"Yes, my King, all the unmated females are here," She cries, frustrated. I growl, and the whole party goes silent. I take a calming breath, but my blood boils when I feel someone trying to force themselves on my mate. My eyes darken. Saga takes over, and his domineering tone makes them all bow when he speaks.


"My King, there are some females in the dungeon. She might be one of them," Cries a female.

I growled as I rushed to the dungeon. The guards there make way for me, and as I run, her intoxicating scent is getting stronger and undeniably sweet. I follow it, and her scream of panic is getting stronger. My blood is boiling. When I reach the cell where she is, I tear the grill bars and step in. The guards all freeze, looking at me with terror. My eyes go to the floor where a frail girl is lying. Tears streaming down her beautiful face, and her claws are out. She looks on the verge of passing out, and there is blood all over the floor. A man is on top of her without a shirt, and I see red. My Lycan wants the blood of the male straddling my soulmate and was clearly about to rape her.

"Mate," as those words leave my mouth, the guards are shaking in fear. They recognize who I am and are gaping and looking between us. Saga wastes no time attacking, and in a minute, they are lifeless on the ground.

I get on my knees, removing the hair covering her face, and she lazily looks at me. Her beautiful sapphire blue eyes look lifeless. When I carry her, she weighs nothing. She is extremely underweight and pale.

"What did they do to you?" I mutter, kissing her forehead. She slowly raises her hand to touch my clean chin and drops it again before darkness envelopes her. Someone needs to pay for this.

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you should make this a novel. Not keep it on some app that charges too much to read it. People won't read it if they have to pay as much as they do here
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Joann Leach
this book is so awesome
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Giselle Correa
Very interesting

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