Chapter 16 SHE'S HIDING

“Shit! Why are they here? How can this be? What are we going to do? For sure, Robin will see us here.” Annoyed, Naneth said.

“So that’s it! Damn your husband. For sure, our manager will call us again to serve them again.” Kyla replied.

“Friend, hasn’t my husband seen you yet? When our manager commands us to bring drinks to them. Can you just go because Robin will be angry with me?” Said Naneth.

“So, you will warn them again. You’re a bad friend! Alas, if you weren’t just a friend, I wouldn’t agree. But go ahead because that’s what you’re asking, no problem. ”

“Friend, thank you!”

They didn’t make a mistake, because the manager ordered them to serve at table 4, where Robin was. As they talked, Kyla served them. Dominic was surprised when he saw Kyla.

“Kyla? Why are you here? ”

“Ah! Sir Dominic, only part-time.” Trembl
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