Chapter 5 THE SALARY

Deme and Lora arrived in Manila. Lira met them at the bus station and went straight to her boarding house. Lira’s boarding house was small, but she made it possible for her parents to stay in Manila for three days.

The next day…

The day of their graduation has arrived.

“Lira, I’m excited to see you on stage.” Her mother said cheerfully.

“Thank you Ma, I’m also happy that you and Papa are here. Although I’m a little sad in my heart because Naneth isn’t here. Where is Naneth now?” said Lira.

Deme heard that he suddenly entered the conversation.

“That’s enough, you are pure Naneth... Naneth. It’s hard to hear her name. ”

“Deme, what are you, you don’t seem to be Naneth’s niece! You don’t seem to have a heart and feelings, aren’t you worried about where she is now?” Lora replied.

“Why? It’s like you&rsq

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