After he made sure that Almothean didn’t have the intention to kiss him again, Blaine turned serious and looked at him

“Where did you go?” He asked

Almothean looked at him like he was unsure of why he’s asking that when clearly he said where did he go

“In a business trip” He answered

“Did you have any proof that you’re really in a business trip?” He asked again

“My secretary. He can confirmed that because we’re together the whole time” He answered immediately. Almothean is not sure why Blaine suddenly asked him questions but he still answered it straightforwardly

“Okay,then” Blaine said

He ask just in case but sure enough it’s not Almothean. Although he did behave weirdly that night, he can’t possibly be the one who killed those two

“Then, may I ask why are you asking me these?” He’s being questioned earlier but he&

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