Chapter 10-- HE ISN'T READY

Written by Evelyn Mba



**Somewhere in another Kingdom**

Call me Marcel. King Leon said rubbing his forehead.

He has been working tirelessly, preparing for the war.

You called for me, Your Majesty. Marcel said and bowed.

  Marcel, how's the preparation? He asked.

What preparation, Sire? Marcel asked.

  For war with the Kingdom of Athopa? He asked again.

It's... It's, uhm Your Majesty. They people are scared, they women are afraid to let their husband go to this war.

  It's a death sentence, they said.

Hmph, what should we do? King Leon asked.

But Your Majesty. History and gossips has it that, it wasn't the Kingdom of Athopa who invaded us. It was other neighbouring village.

Lies, it's all lies. King Leon rasped.

  Those are rumors, it was the Kingdom of Athopa who did it. 

Our informant said so. He said again 

But, Y

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