“The market is still crowded. It’ll be better if you wait until closer to the evening to explore the wares.”

“That’s fine.”

It had been quiet between them ever since Anzi led Kaizat away from the training grounds half an hour ago. Since then, they had been walking along the wide, smooth stone path that followed the circular Annat River and bordered the inner edge of the upper districts. Now they approached a divide in the river, as well as in the path. One way would continue leading them around, and the other would take them deeper into the city districts. When they reached the fork, she came to a halt. “What would you like to see in the meantime, sir.”

“What would you recommend?”

“There are people who enjoy exploring the Quarter Art, but I don’t think you’ll be wanting souvenirs.”

“How did you know? Do I not look like the sort to collect them?”

She was glad they passed by another soldier just then so that she was obligated to exchange a quick salute. It gave her an excuse to not
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